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The Basics Of Peri-Menopause  -  see-saw
Menopause marks the end of a woman's birth day.It marks the end of a woman's menstrual period.This is mainly due to the inability of the ovary to produce eggs.
Contrary to popular ideas, women have no source of eggs.They ran out of ova.Menopause is also caused by decreased secretion of female sex hormones, progesterone and estrogen.Like all natural processes, there is no warning signal, not just menopause.
In fact, the body is prepared for it and instinctively knows that women cannot cope with sudden changes.The preparation of the body is a very gradual process that can take years.This is what the scientific and medical circles call surround opause.
Peri-Menopause, or what is called premenopause, is a period in which the body begins to prepare for menopause in the life of a woman.This often happens in the medium term.40s;Although some people may have some symptoms and signs in the medium term30s.Menopause is not just a short period of time, in fact, it can last for two to eight years depending on the person.
Some clinicians even say it can last up to 15 years!So far, there is still no explanation why some women have a longer due date.More menopause than othersBecause there is no specific span of years, women and even their doctors often ignore the symptoms of premenopause and their physical effects.Unlike the dramatic decline in progesterone and estrogen levels during menopause, pre-menopause hormone levels are unstable.
Rising and falling levels.
Due to these changes, women may be disturbed during the monthly menstrual cycle.Menstruation can be extended suddenly for a few days or shortened to a few days.The shortening of the cycle is the result of a decrease in estrogen levels resulting in a shortened period of ovulation.
Cycle can be shortened to 24-26 days.
This means that the monthly cycle will be more frequent than before.On the other hand, women may also experience a rare monthly flow due to prolonged menstrual cycles.Premenopausal women may also find it difficult to get pregnant, although it is not impossible.
This is because there is a menstrual cycle when a woman does not ovulate.Like menopause, a decline in female hormone levels can lead to a range of symptoms that often occur during menopause;Symptoms like hot flashes, women will experience sudden changes in body temperature;incontinence;Vaginal dryness due to reduced lubrication and elasticity;Pain in the breast;Look at emotional fluctuations-The emotion of seeing;Sleep problems and other potential complications such as bone loss and osteoporosis.Of course, everyone's symptoms are different.
Some people may experience all of this, while others may not feel it.In fact, the menstrual cycle of some women stops without any symptoms at all.This is why it is difficult to be found before menopause.
Due to the appearance of these symptoms, many people believe that when tested, women who experience the anterior top must start hormone therapy to balance or combat these problems.A decline in hormone levels can be a problem, and some doctors may even suggest surgical intervention, such as a mastectomy, an operation that removes the uterus.However, this only happens to a very small number of women.
If your doctor advises you to do so, try to change your opinion because it's not a trivial matter.Other doctors may offer you alternatives
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