Tea Party Games for Children - party game rentals

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-30
Tea Party Games for Children  -  party game rentals
When you host a tea party for your daughter and her friends, organize a series of games that suit the theme.
Design activities that allow guests to participate as individuals and teams to encourage friendship.
Collect prizes such as toy tea sets and clothing
Go to the ice cream shop or tea room to provide accessories or gift cards for the winner of the game.
Organize an active team game to allow guests to work together and consume a little energy after enjoying tea and refreshments.
Divide the group into two to four groups.
Place an empty plastic teapot for each team on the other side of the yard or driveway.
Give each team a small plastic teacup and a bucket full of water.
Instruct the first player to fill the teacup with water, cross the yard, pour the water into the teapot, then race back and hand the Cup over to the next player in line.
Award the prize for the first team of teapot filled with water.
Let guests test their taste buds to determine who can correctly identify most of the flavors of tea.
Give each guest a sheet of paper from 1 to 5, five paper cups from 1 to 5, each with 2 ounces of tea.
Make sure the "hot tea" is tepid and avoid accidents.
Make it easier for young guests to play games by choosing basic flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, lemon or orange tea.
Start the children's game by instructing guests to sip tea from a cup and write the corresponding numbers on the worksheet.
Get clues from the amazing Mums website and organize a simple game that young guests and their parents will find challenging.
Provide a bowl full of sugar, give players 30 seconds to see how much sugar they can stack without tower collapse.
Allows players to unfold and work on various planes around the room, rather than on the same table.
In this way, a bump on the table will not knock all the stacks over.
In the case of a draw, let the finalists compete to determine who can build the highest stack in two minutes.
Hot potato with plastic teapot-
Inspiration game on children's tea party.
Instruct guests to stand in a circle while you drink teaparty-
Theme songs on the CD player like "I'm a Little Teapot ".
Give the teapot to a player, let her pretend to pour a cup of tea, and then hand the teapot to the next player in line.
Let an adult with his back on the player Stop the Music at random time.
When the music stops, the player holding the teapot must leave the circle.
Continue with the teapot until only one player is left.
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