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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-29
Tea Party Games & Crafts  -  party game rentals
Many children dream of holding their own tea party.
Parents buy fake tea sets, but this is not the same as having a real tea party with real friends, tea and food.
In addition to enjoying tea and food, your tea party guests can also make some handicrafts and play games.
These small tea bags are a useful way for party guests to take home their own tea.
Two tea pots per guest-
The shape of paper.
You can cut them in advance using printed scrapbook paper or plain white paper.
Printing paper will make the project faster, but regular paper will give guests something they can customize.
Turn one of the teapot over and let the print from the outside (or the area the guest will decorate) face the table.
You can then run a line of glue along the sides of the teapot and the edge of the bottom.
Place the other teapot at the top of the first one so that the printed side is exposed and hold it down.
You will have a teapot pocket when it is dry and guests can stick a real tea bag inside.
Sometimes at the Tea Party
Especially in the outdoor activities.
It's a little hot.
Help your guests calm down and have fun with this lace fan from Disney's home.
One piece of paper and one piece of construction paper for each guest.
You can use scrapbook paper if you wish;
Just reduce it to 8-
1/2 by 11 inch before handing over to guests.
Guests will stick their doily on a piece of paper and make it dry.
Once dry, let your guests turn the paper vertically and then they can start folding the paper accordion style (1/2-
Inch increments) start with one of the short edges.
When they are done, they can fold one of the ends about an inch as a handle.
This interactive game from Magic mom uses real sugar that guests may leave after drinking tea.
A square sugar is provided for guests.
When you say "go", guests stack as much of their sugar as possible before you call "stop.
\ "The guest with the highest chips will be the winner.
You can also ask them to stack a certain number of cubes if you wantsay, 15—
Within a time limit
Alternatively, you can ask the guest to do this as a partner game.
One person will raise a tray with sugar cubes, and the other person will stack them up.
They must work together to prevent the chimney from falling.
The more challenge is to have a guest hold a service tray with one hand and stack the cube with the other (similar to the partner version, except for individual completion ).
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