Take One Funny Inflatable Products For Your Inventory - inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-30
Take One Funny Inflatable Products For Your Inventory  -  inflatable tent
We produce inflatable castles of all shapes (including large, medium and small ones ).And various cartoon castles (including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Hello kitty ).Chinese children have a famous inflatable castle called "jubilant", and many customers are ordering this kind of moon walk.
It can be used for commercial sales, household use, parties, churches or schools.We have professional workers, the material used is PVC, fine workmanship, good quality.Inflate in 10 minutes, set in 10 minutes, pack in 5 minutes, of course, it has to be based on the size of your castle.
Logo is a custom logo welcome.
Regarding the inflatable water slide, we produce many water slides (dry slide, inflatable slide, jump slide, slide bodyguard, interesting slide, giant slide of inflatable slide, Tiger inflatable slide, inflatable pool slide, inflatable shark slide, board slide, inflatable penguin slide, inflatable octopus water slide, inflatable Superman slide, etc ).Custom designs are also welcome, with different sizes to choose from.Pvc tarpaulin for fire and waterproof is the best.
Attractive design brings a good profit and is a very good investment project.These products are suitable for amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, families and other places.Also, despite the party, these tents are perfect for using regular tents.
Inflatable tent is a neat unit made of durable plastic body material, resistant to rain, strong wind, and can withstand the worst climatic conditions.The usual tent is actually good for many events and should no longer prove the problem with this type of leak, which is complexUps, and the trouble of dragging these things.If you have any idea about the shape of the product, we can make it according to your requirements.
We are a factory located in Guangzhou, China, offering wholesale orders and custom designs.Ex-factory price for commercial products.If you have any questions, you can contact us or visit our website for your good news and contact!
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