Subcompact Toyota iQ Features A Safety First - airbag

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-11
Subcompact Toyota iQ Features A Safety First  -  airbag
Modern cars have many safety functions, creating new technologies every day.The latest security features introduced include \ rtherear-Toyota's window protection airbag.Although many vehicles now have many airbags, the system is not perfect.
Although many systems have robust airbag coverage, the toyota s system is the first to cover the rear window\ Dangerous areas of serious car accidents in Ra.Toyota's rear window airbags are stored in the roof liner.After the collision, the overhead airbag pops up from above the rear window and expands around the rear passenger's head, similar to the side curtain airbag.
When working with active headrest, Toyota dealers in Los Angeles are expectedWhen a collision occurs, the window protection airbag will minimize the impact on the passenger's head.Toyota will implement the newCar manufacturer's new iQ window protection airbag \ rsystem on small vehicles.Toyota iQ is very similar to Smart ForTwo, which is expected to initially sell about r100 thousand vehicles a year.
The San Diego crash Center says a big obstacle for potential customers to look at Toyota iQ is that rand or even Smart, which convince tired buyers that the compact car is safe.By providing new technologies and other securityRelated Toyota accessories, rToyota should be able to convince a large number of potential buyers, rq provides enough peace of mind.Toyota iQ will be able to ship three adults and one child.
It is expected to launch in Europe in early 2000.Although the car is not expected to be available soon in the United States, Albany Toyota dealers predict that Toyota may reconsider if gasoline prices remain a major concern for consumers
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