soccer ball suit ESL Icebreakers - Getting to Know You Games

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soccer ball suit ESL Icebreakers - Getting to Know You Games
ESL teachers met a large number of international students within a year and taught many courses..So here's more "get to know your icebreaker" that you can use in the first week of the new lesson.1.On this icebreaker, the students walked out of their seats, spoke English and understood each other.
Let the students stand in two rows face to face.Tell them they have 5 minutes to introduce themselves to their partner.After 5 minutes, say "stop" or "change" in your loud voice ".
One row is still and the other moves down.The last person will become a partner with the people in front of them, so that each of them will have a new partner.Repeat.After that, ask the students to tell you what they learned from another person, or introduce the person they ended up talking.
Topic interview: each new partner will give students a new topic.(ie.2.Interview questions: each new partner, ask the student a question they have to answer.(ie.What is your hobby?Tell me about your family, what is famous in your hometown?What are the schools in your country?2.
I was inspired by the game show "dangerous" and they gave you the answer and you have to guess what the problem is.--xa0That's what the icebreaker did.First of all, I write the answer about myself on ordinary paper.--xa0One answer per paper.--xa0This is the demo I made first.--xa0(Note:xa0If you have a computer and projector in your classroom, you can write the answer on a powerpoint slide ).
--xa0Then I show the whole class an answer at a time and they have to guess what the problem is.--xa0You want to do at least 5 answers as your example and you want to start with a simple answer first.--xa0It's interesting to hear their guesses, and when I reveal the real answer, they get to know me better.
Hong Kong, Hong Kongxa0Students guess what the problem is.--xa0The answer is "where was I born ?"One (answer:xa0\ "How many brothers and sisters do I have?Blue (answer: \ "what is my favorite color?Ten years (answer:xa0"How long have I lived in this city?After getting to know you (the teacher), the students write down their own answers for 15 minutes alone.--xa0Then divide them into 4 groups and they play dangerous games with each other.
--xa0Let each group share one for you to guess.3.On this website, in particular the survey results table and blank templates.--xa0You can use them to customize questions related to mutual understanding.
--xa0If you have advanced students, as a class, you can brainstorm and then have the students write down the questions on their survey results sheet.If you do an example of a survey problem for beginners themselves.How many brothers and sisters do you have?Where are you from?How old are you?What is your favorite musician?When students investigate each other, they also start to understand each other because they have to write the names of their classmates.
--xa0After the survey, students as a class can show their results.4.There is a super popular icebreaker that allows students to communicate with each other in their seats.Worksheets are easy to make your own worksheets for your class.
Let them use follow-up questions to make sure they say a lot and get to know each other in the process.A simple rule for this activity is: you can only use the name of one classmate once!You need to monitor them to make sure they are getting into the game.Each question has a different name and the first one wins!!5.
Give each student an index card and they write four different likes or themes or hobbies of their choice in each corner.(Or have them write eight on the card ).The idea is to have the student's idea written on a card that they can talk about a lot of topics.They mix up and show their cards to students who choose a theme or ask what's on the card and they can discuss the topic.
This puts the discussion in the hands of the students.It's hard to know what they will like, so let them decide.Make an example with your own card.There will be words like travel, blogs, crafts, food, family on my index card.
It was a Minle icebreaker and the students walked around the room and found that they had three things in common with each of their classmates.Students can write down common things in their notebooks.Give students a time limit to talk to as many students as possible to make it more interesting.
Group options: to divide students into groups, students must find as much as they can in common.The most on the list is the winner.The more students in a group, the more conversations they have to do to find common ground.Note: how do we make friends?Common interestsThis allows students not only to know each other, but also to see how much they have in common.
To prepare this hand on the icebreaker, you need a ball (old football or old volleyball ).It will be the right shape and easy to throw.Write down the questions you know on the postIt records and tape around the ball.
What would it be if you had a superpower, why?Tell us a secret about yourself.What is your favorite subject in high school?Where do you want to travel and why?Let the students stand in a big circle.The student throws the ball to another person in the circle, and the person caught needs to answer the question that their right index finger falls on it.
Now that the students are starting to get to know each other, they have to name them and then read and answer the question.Then they can throw the ball to someone who hasn't answered yet.This is a great way to get students out of the classroom or moving.
It is very important for students to introduce themselves on this active icebreaker.\"I\'m Maria.The question is what was your dream job as a child?I want to be a primary school teacher.8.This family game is a great icebreaker for the whole class to laugh, Guess and get to know each other better.
Ask students to write down their favorite movies, actors, places or words on a piece of paper.Collect all the documents and mix them together.A student took a piece of paper and performed the wordsThey can't say anything.
After they guess what the film is, everyone has to guess who it is the favorite movie.1) students enter two teams and they have to see which team to guess first.Each team has different words to perform.Give the winner points.The students stood in two rows.The first person in each row is the second person, and everyone else has his back.
The first person does an action of a simple word to the second person, then the second person taps the third person on the shoulder and the third person turns around and has to guess when it moves along the line.The first team to the finish line won.Remember to take the time to guess who wrote it on paper and say one or two words to that person about why this is their favorite movie, actor, place.9.Here is an active ESL icebreaker that allows students to get to know each other in class by introducing speed.
.Let the students stand in two circles, the circle outside is inward, and the circle inside is outward.Everyone is facing a partner.Give each partner 5 minutes of time to introduce themselves to the person facing forward, then say "change" and the circle inside moves clockwise so that they face different partners.By having students discuss a topic and then changing partners with a new topic.
It's great to set up the scene and provide props for students --on learners.There is an interesting ESL icebreaker here, getting students used to Canada by introducing camping."We're all going camping and there's no restroom, so you need to bring your own toilet paper on a day or weekend.
I walk around the toilet paper and get as many sheets as you need.Now, we are going to move around and for every piece of toilet paper you have, you have to say something about yourself to the class
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