Small Marquee Hire - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-25
Small Marquee Hire  -  marquee
It is difficult to prepare yourself for the celebration because you have to remember a lot of things.The most important thing you need to consider when planning an event is probably the venue.If you want to take part in an outdoor event but are not sure about the weather, it is a wise idea to book a tent.
The beauty of renting a tent on a regular tent is that you can choose from different sizes depending on your preferences and the number of guests you want to allow.If you are planning a smaller, private event, then a small tent rental will be the perfect choice for your needs.For any small tent rental 3x3 m wide, you can accommodate approximately 20 guests for informal events and 8 guests for formal events.
For tents of 3x6 m, you can accommodate approximately 16 guests for formal events and 30 guests for informal events, but when you need to accommodate more guests, you can select the 3x9 m box, which will accommodate approximately 24 guests for formal events and 40 guests for informal events.This is the maximum capacity if you need a small tent, but if you plan a larger event then choose a larger size.On informal occasions, you can usually accommodate more guests, so there will be no table arrangement and homework because the seats are not formal.
However, if you plan a formal occasion, then you must pay special attention to the distance between each table and make sure that your invitees have enough space.If you're looking for an organization that offers small hire services, Camelot marques is a great choice.The company is located in Dorset County but serves activities both inside and outside Dorset county.
They offer you a wide range of box sizes.
The best thing about Camelot is that they will not only provide a tent for your event, but they can also be responsible for designing the venue if you choose to get them to work.They can provide lighting, seating, tables and you can ask them to recommend catering and floral arrangements for you as they have worked with several other event experts in the past.They offer the best small tent rentals in and around Dorset so you don't make mistakes using their services.
For more information about their tents and other services, you can visit www.camelot-marquees.co.uk
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