slip and slide factory Weird Animals – the Tree Shrew and its Poo

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slip and slide factory Weird Animals – the Tree Shrew and its Poo
Tame the bitch.The bitch is referring to a scathing, scolding woman.This is a small mammal that lives in the mountains of Borneo.You won't believe what I'm going to tell you about the relationship between the poop of shushwe and the giant mountain pitcher plant.
You know the habits of this unique beetle.It finds and transports the feces of large animals as its home and food.But tree shrew takes its poop to another level.
You may already know the supernatural power of my conversation with animals.But now I have a great talent for telepathy.So I was looking for a talking tree shrew on the hills of Borneo in Southeast Asia to interview.
There is probably a specimen.
Borneo, located in the southwest of the Philippines, is the third largest island in the world (287,000 square miles) and the largest island in Asia.It is divided into areas under the jurisdiction of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.Good morning, sir.Tree Shrew.Do you have time for an interview?I will be happy to help you if you will post my photos.
Tree Shrew.
You can call me Teresa.
Thank you, Teresa.
Is there a lot more tree shre like you?In fact, there are about 19 species (of the Tupaia family ).Treesha, I was very surprised to learn that scientific research now shows that the tree shre is more closely related to the primatory than to the rodent.This is absolutely right.In any mammal, including humans, the quality of our brains and bodies is also the highest.
You know, you're kind of like a squirrel, even a cute half..No offense.âx80x93 None taken.I hear this all the time.But we don't have beards or nuts. we eat insects, little lizards and fruits.We have small, sharp claws on our hands and feet to catch trees (like monkeys ).
There is a pair of extra tongue under our main tongue.These were also found in lemurs, primates that evolved before monkeys and apes.Did you know that we are active during the day and the internal temperature is close to 98 degrees.
6 degrees normal for human beings?In order to maintain this temperature and our positive lifestyle, we have to eat our average weight in our food every day.Which one is ??About seven and a half ounces, the size of a McDonald's Big Mac.How do you know the Big Mac?I once had one lost by a hiker.
I can't eat another drop of food for the next day.How about room service?Did your male colleague jump in?Our teammates are trained.They built two separate nests for mom and dad, one for younger generations.
They nest in trees, under roots, or in hollow bamboo, filled with dry leaves.When I have babies (up to three) I will visit them every two days and take care of them for 10 to 15 minutes.Thatâx80x99s it.A month later, they were themselves.-Let's digress for a moment and discuss the evolution of the giant mountain pitcher plant before we get to the poo connection.
The water tank plant is the largest meat plant, and the largest specimen is on the mountains of Borneo.This is true.Considered the biggest meat.Eat plants in the world.It grows a water tank that can hold two quarts of water if filled with water.I know that nitrogen is a very important element for plants.
However, although the atmosphere contains a large amount of nitrogen, plants cannot directly absorb nitrogen from the air.âx80x93 Exactly!After adding oxygen atoms to form nitrate, they pass through the roots.The pitchers then metabolize through a process called the nitrogen cycle.
But it is well known that tropical soils lack this substance and they cannot recover the nitrate in rotten leaves as they do in a more mild climate.One of the reasons why farmers rely on so much fertilizer to replenish the soil.You seem very knowledgeable.Agriculture?No, I have a B.A.H.Bachelor degree in animal husbandry.I'm sorry, I was told to do this by Bill.I see.If I go to college, I will get my master's degree.
âx80x93 Touche!So how do these tank plants get nitrogen?Until you hear this.The color of the grass is used to attract insects.The wavelength they broadcast is like a beacon.
Insects provide important nitrogen and phosphorus for plants, which it cannot obtain in any other way.âx80x93 How?When insects land on water tank plants, they cannot attach to the surface.They slide into the digestive enzyme pool and drown and are eaten by plants.
Kenabalu (4095 m) is one of the highest mountains in the SouthIt is located in the jingnabaru National Park in Sabah province, Borneo, Malaysia.So, what is the fecal connection between tree shrew and the carnivore pitcher plant?âx80x93 Here on Mt.The insects in Kinabalu are scarce.The biggest meatEat small animals such as tree shre or rodents, but eat small animal feces.
You mean huge mountain pitchers on the mountain.The kingnabaru of Borneo has evolved into a toilet for the tree shrew??âx80x93 Exactly!Botanists have found that this giant pitcher plant is exactly the same size as the body of the tree shrew.The plant uses delicious nectar to attract the tree shre and then make sure its pitchers are large enough to collect the feces of mammals.
Did you put it on for me?I swear it's true.Imagine this scene.Toilet plants.The inside of this lid is covered with glands with large amounts of nectar.Tree shrew do business in the bowl of water tank plants.
Great symbiosis.
Prepared a sweet, liquid free lunch for tree shrew and also a nice lunch although some might say "crappy", "deposit" of this plant, thisHere is the video with proof.This is the meeting table now.The head of the mountain tree shrew to the length of the body.In order for the tree shre to reach the sweet nectar, they have to climb up the pitcher and roost in such a way that their back is above the pitcher's mouth.
They then do what they have to do, defecate to mark their feeding area.Before they leave, they usually mark the plant with smell by rubbing the genitals on the lid.But ground-Land water tank plants lie on the ground, and their rims are slippery in order to catch insects.
This is such an amazing thing.
The edge of the aerial type of the giant mountain pitcher plant has been modified so that it doesn't slide like an insectTrapping varieties.In this way, the tree shre will not overflow when eating and shitting.So to speak, what stops the tree shrew and you will forgive the expression and miss the hole?What comes up is unable to do this.
The shape of the pitcher opening and direction of the leaf cover covered with nectar ensures that the tree shrew must cross the plant.Therefore, the animal is in the best position in the rest bathroom when feeding.When it rains, the feces are rushed into the bottom of the plant pitcher.
An extraordinary example of plant/animal specialization.Thanks Treesha for expanding my environmental education.It was Macs when I came back next year?.IPad will come in handy!Dive into the ground pitcher-The digestive juice and food of the plant retrieve drowned insects and mosquito larvae.
These ants can actually swim and stay underwater for 30 seconds!Although it may take them 12 hours to catch up.Chin, L., J.A.Moran, and C.Clarke.2010.Trap geometry in Borneo's huge mountain pitchers plant species is a function of tree shrew body size.Clarke, C.M., U.Bauer, C.C.Lee, A.A.Tuen, K.Rembold, and J.A.Moran.2009.Tree shrew Toilet: A New nitrogen isolation strategy for tropical water tank plants.
Jonathan A Moran2012.
The three Borneo Highlands Nepenthes species tune the color contrast signal to the maximum visual sensitivity of the tree shre.--©PH value of Beijing copyright LACO.D.2013.All rights reserved."Most of your knowledge of job hunting is not the case.Learn to write dynamic resumes and cover letters, effective contacts, confident interviews, and salary negotiations.
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