slip and slide factory Thanksgiving Tradition: Highlights Of An Alcoholic Home

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slip and slide factory Thanksgiving Tradition: Highlights Of An Alcoholic Home
"Can you stop it?I nervously repeated it to my brother John.“Stop it;I just want to go home before someone sees us."We were sitting on a huge cart with a big bird, a big dead bird, and all the gear for the next Thanksgiving dinner.
The sign on the cart says "don't remove it from the parking lot.I am 13 years old and my brothers and sisters are 11 years old.John jumped over and drove me crazy.Traffic jam and watch him slide down on the way back to our apartment and slide down the cold sidewalk.
We were ordered by our mother to travel long distances to the supermarket because we had just experienced the first winter storm and she didn't want to drive there in my footsteps --father’s car.She has no car of her own.We may be poor, but one of the things my mother did was to eat delicious meals on the table.But they always have to pay the price!The beginning of today's expenditure is;As we pushed the trolley through the snow, we were frozen to the bones, avoiding any children who might have gone to our local elementary school.
We all feel humiliated for not following the rules (my brother is less than me) and taking the trolley.We do not want to be seen by our peers, we are afraid of this trip.Oh yes we do have to return the empty cart and walk home again.
Eating time is a huge production in our home, even daily meals.The holiday dinner was particularly notable.We have purchased everything on the list and dare not steal anything for ourselves because once my brother stole a candy stick from the pharmacy, my mother asked him to return it and to the pharmacist.
I also took some colored cotton balls from my friend's bathroom and was severely condemned.None of us wanted to face my mother's anger, so we made sure to bring back only what she asked.The last trip was a cocktail party when we got home.
She and my stepfather "Cee" just started to warm up from the cold outside.John and I opened the groceries and looked at everything we needed for Thanksgiving dinner.We're starving.In fact, we are hungry most of the time.The reason is;We are not allowed to eat snacks at home.
By the time we finally have dinner every night, it is about 8: 00 to 9: 00 pm.When we put all the items in the fridge away, we found a box of maavrakos chocolate turtles on the second shelf behind.It's new because we haven't seen it before.
For two hungry children, the frustrating thing is the sign that says "private property, don't touch.Wow, this has aroused our anger and we are starting to plan how to get some turtles.We know that Cee plans to offer chocolate to his guests, which is not possible for us.
We were never allowed to eat the same food as him.Cee has more money than we do and he doesn't like to share it.Relationship with our motherThe food for the Thanksgiving meal is another matter.
My Dear Aunt Letha and Uncle Wally were invited because it was a holiday and we knew we would get food.But until the next day.We have been thinking about the box of candy.We would like to try delicious creamy chocolate, rich caramel chocolate and pecan chocolate.
That's how our plan started.
John said: "I will take the chocolate from the fridge, but I need to wait until they drink more chocolate."My mother and Central and Eastern Europe were stuck in the kitchen at about 4: 00 pm, where they could easily get into the fresh turkey and wine cabinet.My stepfather sat at the end of the table all day and was happy to guide my mother's cooking skills.
.That night, before the big day came, I was asked to make a sandwich because they were busy cleaning up the birds and preparing special fillings, vegetables and sweet potato dishes.I would love to do this because my brother and I are so hungry that it means we don't have to wait until 8: 00 or 9: 00 pm to eat.When I made the tuna salad, I watched their every move eagerly.
I noticed that every dish they made, the turtle in the box slid further behind the refrigerator and was almost invisible.My brother will pretend to be interested in their progress and peek at the fridge.He also wanted to make sure the chocolate was still there.
We all ate sandwiches at 7: 00 in the afternoon and the two adults finished their work around 10: 00 in the afternoon.Of course, there is a cocktail before every effort.They were all embarrassed when they were ready to sleep.
The first stage was over and they fell asleep.We are now ready for Phase 2: take out a box of sweets from the fridge, take our share and return the turtles without being caught.John and I agreed to meet in the lobby from where we tipto walked into the kitchen with our toes.
We were afraid to turn on any light so we felt the fridge.We used the light inside as our guide to turn it on carefully.Our first hurdle was a 20-pound turkey.;It is not easy to move quietly.When each of us carried the door out with both arms, I pushed the door open with my back.
When we drag the pot out of its position, we are careful not to waste it.What we didn't do was agree on where to put it while we were working.The kitchen was dark and we couldn't see each other's eyes, so we left for a few seconds holding the bird in the air.
I was depressed because I was afraid to talk at all.Finally, I whispered, "move it to the table.It makes a loud noise on the metal surface.
Thought we were heard, we were all stunned for a few seconds.When nothing happens, we move the other dishes away.We knew we had to work quickly and chose to put all the food on the table.
John grabbed maavrakos and we tipto walked to my bedroom with the toes, where I hid a flashlight earlier today.The brown and white chocolate boxes are wrapped in a layer of cellophane.There is a folded flap on both ends of the candy.
I took a nail file from my mother's nail suit (she always left it in my room, hopefully one day I will take care of my nails like she does with her nails and carefully twist the files under the folder.It was tedious.I know I can't tear paper, and I can't risk being discovered.I am also worried that Cee will wake up.Swinging between patience and worry, I opened one end of the transparent plastic cover.
I pushed the box carefully with my right hand until I could pull it out without disturbing the surface.It worked!We're like Flynn.Both John and I were so excited that we could barely control our emotions.Are there three layers of sweet cocoa brown turtles waiting to eat?We pigged out!I must have eaten six of them myself.
I don't know how much my brother ate.
When our desires are met, we have only one layer left.Uh oh!What to do now?I carefully folded the two pieces of parchment separated several layers and put them in my pocket.To fill the space, I arranged the chocolate in a row.
We then return the plastic cover for Mavrakos to it.We were lucky it slipped in.I licked and slapped, and it was a miracle.stuck.We felt very smug and went back to our steps to get the chocolate first and put the rest of the food back in the fridge.
Each of us fell asleep in our own bed and was proud of ourselves.The next morning, everyone in the family got up very early.Cee is already sitting on his throne, the heavy metal chair at the end of the kitchen table.
There is an empty cup next to his coffee cup.These days, he spent most of his time complaining about these two "things" (my brother and I) under his breath, which he was forced to have in his life.He carefully listed appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts without eye contact with John or me.
He organized the menu in the form of an outline.While I was making cranberry salad, I tried to read what was on the Cee tablet.I am particularly interested in the last one: dessert D.
This is the last item on this lengthy fare list, the maavrakos chocolate turtle!As he always said, "leave the best to the end!"This is the best food for a special occasion before the age of fancy truffles.Oh dear!I was worried.My favorite holiday in our house is to decorate the dining table.My mother was not confident in design because everyone knew I was an artist, so she left this part of the celebration to me.
She is a gourmet and she wants her food to be displayed as beautifully as possible.It's always going well because no one wants the job and I really like it.I started at the table.We had an old, shabby, heavy, mahogany, Monster held for 12 people when it was open.
Unfortunately, I need Cee to help with the leaves.He managed to pull himself off the kitchen seat because I thought he liked the decor I made.From the closet with linens in our apartment, I picked out a beautiful beige hook fabric made by my aunt Letha.
My aunt generously brought her silverware over earlier this week and we have always appreciated it.Center;I hollowed out a pumpkin, folded the edge of it, and filled it with a mini paper --This is the food I cooked in advance.Each napkin is rolled up with a rustic ribbon and tied with a twisted ribbon rose.
I draw the names of each guest in calligraphy on colored paper placards.From the beginning of the previous year, the burnt orange wrapped in thin paper gradually became my mother's silver candle stick.We never burned candles.They are just for decoration, which makes it possible to reuse them several times before they fade.
) I hope I can set up a table all day to beautify the restaurant.I prefer here rather than in the crowded kitchen, the more my mother and Cee drink, the worse the atmosphere there is.Usually the cocktail party starts at 4: 00 in the afternoon, but on vacation, the cocktail party begins with the preparation of the meal.
In other words, it lasted all day.
“KAY!KAY!My mom screamed and said, "KAYEEEEEEEE.“COME IN HERE!You should make a pie!A pumpkin pie!"You never told me!I said, I started to have a stomachache.(When I was young, my stomach hurt so badly that I wish I could wear a heating pad under my clothes.
) "If you are not going to make pumpkin pie, why do you think I asked you to buy all the ingredients for pumpkin pie?I don't make pies!I do cakes!My mother has prepared a rich chocolate.side-down cake.Indeed, her cake was fantastic, but I didn't know anything about pie baking and was completely surprised by her request."You still have time to get busy.Use the ready-Made a case in the refrigerator.
"Oh dear, I'm not a cook and I don't feel well in their kitchen.As I read the recipe, I was relieved to see this pie magically set in the fridge.No need to bake."But do I have enough time?”I thought.Our guests will arrive within three hours.
"Oh, I 'd better get it.
Fortunately, this seems to be an easy way to make dessert.I carefully took out all the ingredients I needed plus the proper utensils and lined up on the kitchen counter.Since my mother used most of the counter space, I had to pile some items together.
I learned in school to take the time to read the measurements carefully: 1 can of pumpkin (15 oz),) 4 oz.1 tablespoon of Philadelphia cream cheese (soft.milk, 1 Tbsp.Sugar, 1 barrel (8 ounces)) Cool Whip top, etc.
The instructions were clear, but I was nervous.In this case, I did my best.When I finished eating, I hesitated to balance the pie plate and put it in the refrigerator next to the turtle.When our guests started arriving around 5: 00 p.
, I was pleased to provide them with Appetizers consisting of cream cheese on celery and my hand-made chili peppers.At that time, I thought it was a big thing and liked to eat them.There is a five-minute discussion about the correct pronunciation of paprika.
Is it "papreeka" or "papraka "?This drives me crazy.I don't care at all.Cee is responsible for drinks for mixed cocktails.With every hour of the party, the wine flows freely and the noise level increases.
My brother John and I are expected to entertain this group of adults with our rehearsal juggling program.There is a small space in the alcove between the living room and the dining room, which we use as a stage..What we didn't expect was what happened that night.
We put on our costumes and danced with jazz music from 78 record machines.So interesting!I took myself seriously and thought I was the next Isadora Duncan.My brother is not very good at dancing, but he is called a rubber leg because he can twist the torso like a pretzel.
All of a sudden, Cee began to imitate the scene he saw at the Vaudevillians theater: "Go down the stage," he shouted."You did it, you were the one who had-been.At the same time, he pretended to throw rotten eggs.
"You two have this.
Take this!My mother looked surprised at first, but to my surprise, she started yelling too."This is a rotten tomato!"She threw gestures with dramatic arms as if she were throwing baseball.All the guests were involved in this impromptu show that made us horrible!We were destroyed!.
So many parties and life with wine!Aunt Lesha came to our room and tried to tidy up the things.She did not attend the play, but she was too scared of my mother and Cee to support our feelings."They are just playing and joking," she said .
"They have no malice.
She looked down at the pitted with a gap and kicked it with her feet, adding, "come back to the group.It's time for dinner."Neither John nor I want to see these people we call relatives, but we are hungry.We reluctantly left our position on the floor of the bedroom and sat on the table.
The colorful table is decorated with Turkey, which is particularly spectacular.I was excited about my role in making the environment look so appealing.For a moment, I felt like I was in another world.
Balance and harmony.
But it doesn't last long.
One of the adults said, "Oh, Lisa, isn't this a bedspread you made for Aunt Martha?"She was referring to the gorgeous crochet tablecloth I picked from the linen closet.Everyone looked down at the table and immediately made a laughter.I did choose a thicker, rougher bed cover than a more refined tablecloth.
I feel terrible.
It's not funny to me.
Most of the meals were spent in the silent voice, except that Uncle Joe would occasionally hit his lips, claiming that the louder the sound, the better the food.I don't remember Grace being recited, or I thank you for anything.After dinner, we stopped to rest for at least an hour to get everyone back to their climax --ball glasses.
My brother and I squatted in the corner fiddling with a deck of cards.We were dreaming of dessert and couldn't wait to pick it.We know that we have to wait for adults to get drunk before they want candy, but it doesn't take long.
Soon someone said, "I heard where is the pumpkin pie made by Kay?"I'm a little excited myself because I 've never made a pie before today.Cee said loudly, "We also have Jane's delicious chocolate --side-The cake and the turtle of the calf."I helped my aunt with the selection and then went back to the table we went.
In fact, my mouth is almost watering.
Everyone wants to eat pie on my mother's chocolate cake.I looked at her carefully because I didn't want her to feel that my dessert was more attentive than she was --side-down creation.She didn't seem to mind, anxious to taste the pie.
My heart sank in the first knife.
Completely liquefied;It's not solid in what it should be.What happened?I will never be sure.Did I get the wrong measurements or was there not enough time in the fridge?Everyone insists on trying.I can't believe what happened next.Some even say it's the best pumpkin pie they 've ever had.
While they were clamoring for the pie, Cee was opening the turtle box."Hum," he said."They definitely don't give you too much money for you anymore.They are about the same price as gold.Have some chocolate."So many parties and lives with wine!
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