slip and slide factory Launceston community making a splash at Big Freeze for MND

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-20
slip and slide factory Launceston community making a splash at Big Freeze for MND
About 30 members of the Launceston Community will risk the cold weather and look for a way to treat devastating diseases.Funds raised in the third Launceston freezexa0MNDxa0Will be used to fund research, clinical trials, and support Tasman people with motor neuron disease.Participants will be seen at the eventxa0Slide into the cold pool in front of hundreds of onlookers.
The youngest slider of the event will be 8-year-Old Reese Penney from hardsburn"Neil Daniel inspired me to do it," he said ."."I like the attitude that he never let him down.Reese said he has raised about $1000 so far.
"The parents of all my friends donated a lot to me, at least over $10," he said ."."The biggest one could be the $160 that my cousin's grandma gave, she had soup and sandwiches today and I had to get up and talk.Reese said his friends and family were very supportive of his decision to attend.
Paul Spencer, an electrician at Launceston and a candidate for the city councillor at Launceston, will also take risks."A few years ago a friend of my wife died with MND," he said ."."It's a terrible death, and that's why I'm going down the slide.
So far Mr Spencer has raised about $1000 and would like to thank the community for their support.Tassie Freezing of Lindy McMahon, a member of the MND committee, said about 30 sliders would be available on Saturday.MS McMahon said it was a very important event.
"Most people in the committee are connected to people with MND, so that's an important reason why we all get along --"Let's get involved in this business together," she said .""It's clear that MND doesn't have a cure, so any money we can raise will help to find a cure."We want to raise money around $30,000.It would be great to get $30,000 from the slides.
People with MND gradually lose their ability to walk, speak, feed themselves, swallow and finally breathe.This disease can affect anyone, there is no effective treatment, and there is no known cure.In Australia, at least two people are diagnosed each day and two die from the disease.
For more information about the event, please visitxa0Tassie freeze for MND website.The big freeze will take place on Saturday, October 6.30 Brisbane Street, Launceston
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