slip and slide factory 100 Ways to Have Fun in the Summer

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-22
slip and slide factory 100 Ways to Have Fun in the Summer
1.Relax in the hammock.Reading is optional.NAP is essential.2.Establish a reading club.3.Diving class.4.Host the neighborhood party.5.Go camping on the mountain or set up a tent in the backyard.6.Go jogging.Then put on your clothes and jump into the swimming pool.7.There is an epic water gun/water balloon battle.
Catch up on your favorite TV show.
Try new recipes: smoothies, appetizers, salads, and other mouth foodDelicious food.10.Shopping in a shopping mall on sunny days.11.Watch a summer movie.12.13.Grilled hot dogs, burgers or chicken.14.Spend the day in the theme park.15.Go to the museum of art or history.16.Build a tree house.17.Take books to read books during a picnic in the park.
Draw your own pottery in the studio/shop.
Visit the scenic waterfall.
Shop at the local farmers market.
Go to a big, air-Shopping malls with conditions22.Watch movies while drivingin theater.23.Watch drama or music.24.Go to the arts and crafts festival.25.Go bowling.26.Taste some mouth-watering watermelons.27.Make a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk.28.Transform from head to foot.29.Play mini golf.30.Go on a cruise.31.Drive to the nearest foreign country.32.Catch fireflies in cans33.Pick fruit on the farm.34.Buy snacks from an ice cream truck.35.Chat with your friends on the porch swing.36.Go to an outdoor concert.37.Pick flowers and make your own bouquet.38.Lie on the grass and stare at the stars.39.Cycle and explore new paths.40.Play a tennis game.41.Play the flying game.42.Kick a sack.43.There is an impulsive road trip.44.Play 18 holes in golf.45.Collect shells on the beach.46.Go to sports activities.47.Visit skate park or ice rink.48.Make your own music video.49.Hold a tropical themed party.50.Enjoy yourself at the spa.51.Spend the whole day in the water park.52.Visit the tourist attractions of your city.
Cut some old jeans into shorts.
Carry a water gun with you when appropriate.55.Wash your car and grab someone with a water pipe.56.As the window rolls down, there's wonderful music going on in your car.
Dance lessons.
Go to the music festival.
Volunteer for charity60.
There's a garage for sale.
Start a blog.
Make popular playlists in summer.
Visit far-away relatives.
Fly to a spectacular place on weekends.
Share your hobbies with your children.
A catch-up game of baseball, football, or basketball.67.Surprise someone with breakfast in bed.68.Sing karaoke with friends69.Go to the National Park.70.Visit a park.71.Take pictures with your friends.72.Barbecue is held.73.Skip the rocks on the lake.74.Watch the amazing sunset.75.Go canoeing.76.Start a garden.77.Take out the slip and slide.78.Homemade ice cream.79.Eat cold dishes such as salads, popsicles, snow cones, etc.80.Disney movie marathon.81.Go riding.82.Get a new pet.83.Through the sprinkler.84.Send a letter or card to a friend.85.Dance according to your favorite songs.86.Start learning a new language.87.Compete with someone in the pool and perform tricks on the diving board.
Jump trampoline.
Watch the sun rise.
Try a new restaurant.
Engrave your name on a tree92.
Write a message in the bottle and throw it into the ocean.93.Go to the aquarium.94.Learn how to sew or crochet.95.Draw as a gift.96.Have a bonfire.97.Go to the Renaissance fair.98.Make S\'mores.99.Party in July 4100.Write down a list of things you want to do before the end of summer
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