ride the bull Conker's Bad Fur Day: a Game of Vulgarity

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-09
ride the bull Conker\'s Bad Fur Day: a Game of Vulgarity
Nintendo is famous because people of all ages can enjoy most of the is games, but still keep engaging stories.But Nintendo 64 has a game that is fun for people of all ages, mainly because of its rough aesthetics.Released for Nintendo 64 in 2001 is a video game that is not like anything made by Nintendo.
Full of clear humor, realLife references for legal adult players only, some battles can become very disgusting.As squirrel Conker, players have to go through a vibrant world full of colors, a world full of rude characters, using bad language in most conversations with Conker, say or do things that parents think are not suitable for young children.Some of the tasks Conker has to do are also not suitable for children, because some of the scenes shown when Conker completes a task may be seen as nausea, just like cheating a cow on a laxative, let her discharge a large amount of feces for the proposed dung beetle.
Even the boss's fights are memorable because their content is immature and like giants, the opera poop Conker has to fight at some point.One of Nintendo's rare mature games.Rate the game and get a rating through the player experience.Established immature, rude, and when the player sees Conker using a chainsaw to split the Nintendo 64 logo equally and replace it with a rare logo, there is also "not for children" content.
In the actual game, it was clear that Kang was drunk at the bar.He's an alcoholic.The opening also included that he had a girlfriend named Berri who called to say he was drinking at the bar with some friends who were going to fight in the war.After crazy drinking and vomiting outside the bar, conke tried to find his way home.
This can be summed up as Conker's attempt to go home.This is what he did, but he didn't do it before going through a tutorial level that allows players to keep Conker awake and learn the basic controls of the game.When meeting-With the Scarecrow, his name is Birdy, and he teaches Conker context-Sensitive orders to help himWhen the player steps on the ground part that looks like the Nintendo 64 "s" "B" button, the bulb turns-Pressing the actual "B" button means Conker can do some action that is not usually available in the game.
In this case, Birdy quickly drank another bottle of beer.In another area where Conker can do another context --The sensitive action gives Conker a glass of water and some Alka-The Selce that instantly made conke awake again.This means that the player is ready to learn other actions.
Another action Conker learned is how to jump high and hover, which means that the player has to press the "Z" button on the Nintendo 64 controller and then press the "A" button to jump higher.When the player is in the air, pressing the "A" button again allows Conker to hover for A while, which is very useful for crossing huge gaps.The next chance to learn new moves comes from a stone-like ghost blocking the road of the Concord home.
Here Conker learns how to use basic attacks.Press the "B" button when not doing context-The sensitive command lets Conker take out the frying pan and hit the enemy.He did it to a ghost like a stone.Unfortunately, it hit a stone-like ghost, causing the rock to fall and blocking the road to the Concord home.
This means players have to play a little longer.And complete further tasks.The game contains rough humor, which means doing something very disgusting.One task is to provide the dung beetle feces of the person for some reason.
Cattle poop in this case.
Promise to have a free poo ball.
Fortunately, there is a farm nearby that supplies cows, and conke can force it to defecate and collect a lot of feces.Coincidentally, there is also a temporary toilet in the farm center.But there is only one problem.There was a bull who kept charging Kang Ke and hurting him with horns, mainly because Kang Ke was a red squirrel and the bull hated red.
The player must avoid the bull and enter a mechanical device in which the prunes will fill the feeding area.Conker then put a switch in the head of the bull and put a cow in the center of the farm.Said the cow, and began to eat grass.Conker then had to figure out how to get the cows to drink prunes juice and produce the feces Conker needs to push the game plot forward.
This includes trying to ride a bull trying to hit Concord.As Conker, players have to find a way to ride a bull and use it to force cows to drink prunes juice.This is achieved by sticking the horn of the cow to the wall.
After jumping on the bull's back and taking control of it, Conk then slammed the cow.The acting humiliated the gesture and then went to feed the grass she had eaten.After drinking the plum juice, the cow began the defecation process of a large amount of feces.
After showing the scene of the cow's bowel movement in the toilet in the center of the stadium, Kang Ke immediately charged the cow a bull fee and killed her.After the death of the cow, Kang Ke had to repeat the same process twice.After the third cow was killed, the rider was trapped in the middle of the toilet, and the other three cows were in the toilet.
When the metal drain broke, he immediately lamented that he was clearly fat and then fell into the toilet.After this part, the bull was never heard again.Conker then falls into the toilet and is free to go to the next level.
had bosses.
However, what makes these bosses different from other video game owners is that they have funny introductions and reasons for the fight in the first place.The location of one floor is very interesting and the boss is very interesting.In a mountain made of feces, conke meets a talking dung beetle.
The dung beetle then tells a story about how some things kill other dung beetles for no reason.Conker will later find out who is responsible after meeting a certain requirement.Kang told him to bring some sweet corn.As Conker, players will naturally do what the voice says.
Later, the scene of a performance revealed that the sound that was not reflected was huge poo, a huge opera "stool material".Conker then had to use context to beat the bossPut the toilet paper into the sensitive button in your mouth.In the end, the singing of the great poo eventually caused the glass barrier to break, revealing the washing mechanism.
When Conker uses the flush mechanism, this beats the great poo by flushing him.It's a good game, but it's not highly sought after because Nintendo doesn't like its clear content.The game is unique, and a game company known for making cute but difficult video games makes a game that doesn't target Nintendo's main young population.
It's rough, disgusting, immature.
But it's also funny.
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