Renting Floor Mats? Are You Flushing Your Dollars Away? - entrance mat

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-24
Renting Floor Mats? Are You Flushing Your Dollars Away?  -  entrance mat
You know, it costs about $5 to rent a 4x6 floor mat.00 a week, about $260.00 annually.Most land pad rental companies need a three-year contract to lease the land pad.In this case, the cost of a three-year contract may exceed $700.
Unfortunately, most companies that rent or rent floor mats use more than one floor mat, so the financial impact is usually much larger.False "delivery fee" (seriously, will these be waived if I pick up the mat?Cleaning fees (will these also be waived if they don't clean the floor mats?How much do I have to pay?Fuel surcharge (again, will these charges be waived if I refuse delivery and cleaning?Environmental fees (what is this-global warming?When faced with the option of buying or renting floor mats, the following questions are frequently asked, "If I buy floor mats, who will clean the floor mats?\ "I guess whether a person buys his entrance mat directly or chooses to get the services of the mat rental company, the end user will still be responsible for cleaning the Mat regularly.To illustrate this, given the fact that the floor mat rental companies usually arrange for their floor mat selection --Ups every week, every other week or every month.
In the time span between Mat selection --Ups, customers usually pay contract cleaners or employees to clean the office space.When cleaning happens, the floor mats are usually vacuumed.This is the extra cost of floor mats that are often overlooked.
Even if it took only 30 minutes per week (6 minutes per day) to vacuum the floor mat, a worker paid $10.It will cost 26 hours or about $260 an hour.$00 a year.It is true that this labor cost will be incurred regardless of whether the existing mat is rented directly or purchased.
The purpose of this work is to eliminate a false premise that no one will clean the mats if they are purchased.To be honest, if the floor mat is rented, the end user company will "pay twice" to clean the floor mat.The company that buys the floor mats only needs to pay a cleaning fee.
When a customer decides to rent his entrance mat, he is often "forced" to accept many other questions.For example, most land pad rental companies only offer a limited choice of size of the floor mat.As a result, customers often decide to choose the size of the doormat that does not meet their architectural aesthetic or functional requirements.
For example, if a Class a building entrance requires a 9 \ 'x 11 \' size entrance mat to properly prevent slipping, or to satisfy certain maintenance or aesthetic parameters, you will work hardThere is an urgent need to find a floor mat rental company that "rents" this size floor mat.However, they would propose to rent a few 4 \ 'x 10 \' or 4 \ 'x 8 \' mats that can be placed next to each other, to achieve the same or close to the same floor pad coverage area.The problem is that the size of each floor pad may deviate from 5% during the manufacturing process.
This means that 3 of every 4'x 10' size mats placed side by side will undoubtedly have different actual sizes.This eliminates the appearance of any consistency, not to mention the increased risk of tripping if one mat moves on the other (litigation is another hidden charge to choose the wrong mat system ).I ask you, "How many times have you entered a building and passed through 3 or 4 cushions placed end-to-end to cover the required area?\ "Not a beautiful sight.
Not very good first impressionEspecially for people who want to rent some space.Missing income or lower rental rates due to poor first impressions is another hidden cost of poor floor bedding selection.Expect and demand more.When a person rents a floor mat, another problem that is often faced is the limitation of the available matting colors.
The mat rental company offers a limited selection of "stock" colors.These colors are usually black, brown, red/black and gray.However, other colors are also available, and if not in stock colors, an additional fee is usually charged.
The reason the mat rental companies offer stock colors is that they need less stock to serve the entire customer base.This "general stocking" method means that the pads picked up from one customer on Monday can be cleaned and delivered to another customer on Tuesday, and the mats can be cleaned and delivered on Wednesday, etc.The increase in this income is huge for the mat rental company, but over time, the increased washing can have a detrimental effect on the overall quality of the floor mat.
The effect of accelerated flushing can cause ripples on the edge of the mat over time, and can also cause the color of the mat to fade or "wash"out\".Who knows where the mat you rented today was yesterday-There may be toilets, convenience stores, beverage stations, car shops, etc.Therefore, the mats used in the mat rental project will never be as good as the first day of service.
Customers often find that while the cost of the mat service always seems to remain the same, the quality of the delivered product is not.Expect more and demand more.The fact is that certain types of companies still need to rent their floor mats.Companies like car service stations that have to compete with oil, oil and lubricants need to rent floor mats.
In the face of companies involving dirt and dirt from food or grease, such as restaurants, it is usually possible to get better service through the mat rental program.Mats subject to this type of dirt need to be specially cleaned.However, most types of companies do not need to deal with this dirt.
They have to protect the garden from landscape materials, soot and all kinds of dirt that can easily be tracked into the parking lot of their building.That is to say, there are hundreds of floor mats today that can better stop the dirt at the door.Each mat manufacturer strives to manufacture a floor mat product or product to achieve a specific goal (I .
Scrape, suck, meet certain colors or sizes, etc.) The mats used in the rental plan are mainly designed to facilitate the cleaning of the mat company.These types of mats are also very absorbent.
However, the leased floor mats do not do well in capturing dirt.Considering that once dirt enters the building, it is the responsibility of the building maintenance personnel to remove it from the building.It costs a lot of money.From a financial and floor paving point of view, it makes more sense to equip the entrance area with the most suitable floor mats (almost all dirt goes into the building.
Maintenance work can then be concentrated in a centralized area --the floor mat -Instead of trying to track dirt from the whole building.The most suitable type of floor matting system may include a scraper pad on the outside, a scratch and absorption type matting on the entrance hall area, and a more absorbent matting on the inside.Normally, it takes about 18 linear feet to remove about 75% of the soil and moisture from the feet of people entering the building.
Why not raise the standard for your building and ask for features, aesthetics and cost savings.When one considers the "hard dollar" associated with the leased floor mat and the additional maintenance costs of using the wrong type of floor mat, with the use of the leased floor mat in terms of curbing the loss of attraction, the financial impact of the leased floor mats can be devastating.A company that rents 5 mats for $5.It costs nearly $4,000 a week for each mat block.
More than three years.
Buying the same mat (at least 3 years, by the way, closer to 6 years) will cost about $700.00.You can buy a new mat for $3,000 every 6 months or better, or choose to invest in a better MAT project.Most companies can get more coverage and better bedding systems for $4,000.
In these times of financial difficulties, it may be time to stop flushing out your maintenance costs.If you would like to select the "correct" floor mat project for your company, please visit our http: // www.MadMatterInc.com
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