rent a bull The Bullfighter - El Cordobes

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rent a bull The Bullfighter - El Cordobes
"-Matalo, man!They stood up from their seats and screamed.El Cordobes is only an inch from the tip of the bull Impulsivo.Come back and grab the red cloth from the impulsive eyes.
Then, the impulse horn penetrated the air behind the red fabric.The first wave of "Ole!\" did it.Now he can go on.He is not afraid at all.He is a bullfighter. he has always been a bullfighter.He's never really scared, not even what they call "stage fright.He is in full control now.Brave Bull Impulsivo is just a plaything, just a puppet, and matador Manolo is a master puppet.
The child got the toy he had been longing.The child is playing now, with skill, tact, and, of course, brave control of puppets as the situation expects!Don't bother him.You cannot.Especially when this play called the Bull is now gifted by him.
The crowd of thousands of Spaniards stood up and tilted forward, hoping to hear more of the target, while screaming at their hearts, acknowledging, supporting, growling and shouting more.Bullfighter El Cordobes, the bullfighter heard the news from the middle of the ring.He had heard such screams many times before, but this time it was louder, louder and totally different.
These screams are very emotional and emotional.Yes, of course, they are against him. he is the only one.Yea!This time, Manolo, now known as El Cordobes, is the first time, and the boy in Cordova in rags is "El Matador ".\ "Right in the middle of the ring, the main focus is in addition to Manolo, Matador Mui Bravo de Cordoba!The Promise -He became a bullfighter today.
This is his first battle.
.A great Matador, one of Spain's greatest matador of the time.He was so absorbed in the film from the beginning that he did not stop participating.After the film, he moved his head away from the screen and fell into meditation, reflecting on the scene thoughtfully.
The first is the most exciting.
Then he turned his back and went through it again.Yes, he said to himself.My future will be to fight the bulls.The Spanish bullfighter at that time also became his hero.Charm, excitement, respect for the profession, hero-Worship caused by it, and the potential to make money makes Manolo into trouble.
Because of his decision.
Today he made an important decision in his life.That\'s it!He looked up and said to himself seriously, "Sir Matador!He made a promise to himself.He chose his career at that age and time.Fighting the Bulls will bring his career to the highest level.
He will one day be the bravest.
He will never break this promise, especially when he makes a promise to himself.He will ...Of course...No doubt, be a bullfighter!Now is the time.Today is a day.Today is his chance.He is now the main focus.You're a bullfighter!His speed and intuition can even be innovative.
Screaming further inspired his talent.
Instinct is the winner.
He was full of strong Bulls.
On his right, on his left, on the front and behind.He made things so.Clever and dangerous moves have made the crazy audience reach a higher boiling point than screaming.They saw it, but they didn't believe it.Matador muy bravo cried so badly!El Cordobes's mind is also very active and has fully responded to the response of this ecstatic crowd.
He said to himself, "Scream, the audience scream!"If you want more feed, El matador muy bravo is at your service at any time.He will definitely feed.Another quick swipe of the wrist confused the Bulls again.El Cordobes got on his knees this time.Every time it's only an inch away from death.
The audience was almost exhausted.
Now they start screaming at each other, "Por didios...Esther dude, crazy es!\" ...\"¡Si!...¡Por supuesto!This is ridiculous.It is really unforgivable to invite such a danger from an angry bull.The bull will never forgive.Especially in an arena with Matador and red cloak.
Why do they do it when fair opportunities are widely open.On impulse, the brave bull blew his horn frantically to the image just now, and was replaced from time to time by thin air.The screaming of the audience will only intoxicate him in a bolder, more innovative atmosphere, and of course his amazing ability to extract matching talent from Blues music will also inspire his action!His movements were indeed dramatic.
He completely devalued the bullfight and gave it a brand new coating.The difference is his unorthodox approach, which includes innovations that make the audience guess and fascinate.But who will win?Animals or other animals.
The other?victor.
The first bullring in his life?time too?time.In a temporary prison not far away called home, Manolo's sister, Angel Benitez, cried.Weeps in fear.Sheer fear.Just then, she was experiencing anxiety and tension, killing more than a dozen women almost immediately.
Will she still see her brother alive?When he was very young, he was born poor, orphaned, and caring for his family became his sister's mission.The movie did.His first practice was inplanned.To show the road, a high wall is to be leveled, he is in the territory of the bull territory of the owner of the ranch.He shouted to the first bull he found.\"¡Hey toro!\"¡aqui!¡aqui!He only wants to practice.
He must know his abilities, only because they had "opportunities" he had never had before, and he envied the people in front of him.A little boy, a street urchin, his sister's brother, the future bullfighter, in short, Manolo is an orphan, his sister is his future, the future is hisTo fulfill her commitment to her parents, she works at home...Take care of other children.This is her mission.She was exhausted at the end of each day.At the beginning of the day, more work is to support the family and raise Manolo and his brothers and sisters.
She is not tired.
Angelita still stays at home and is as nervous as her sister because her brother is in constant danger.Knowing that her brother's strong feelings for danger are more painful.Suddenly, she remembered how certain he was before leaving home.
If "she" can't stop him.
Nothing could.
He was sure he could handle the matter.
He's been talking for weeks.
No one day Angelita tried to convince Manolo to give up his crazy plan to become a bullfighter.Manolo gave a greater assurance of every warning.The same thing, but there is more vitality and expectation.
But the real thing happened today.
She can't go to the arena.
She will be scared to death, thinking she will be killed in the worst case.Manolo asked her not to come.He did not want his sister to suffer at all.Suffer from anxiety.He was sure that anxiety increased with every twitch of the bull horn.
She died before the game was over.
The anxious sister was crying, praying eagerly, waiting, waiting, and strongly hoping that her brother would come back unscathed.But would he?If she knew at the moment half of what was going on in the arena, she would die.Back in the bullring, Manolo was not tired at all.
Neither did the Bulls.
Manolo has never played tricks.
The energy of the bull was not exhausted either.The campaign is considered to allow innovation.Here it is a life to another life.Who will be the winner?Benitez is dying.Anxiety tortured her.Nothing can stop it.Why didn't she stop him a year ago?Two years back?Three years ago?It will be much easier at that time.
Now, as time goes by, she becomes more confident and no longer sees her brother alive.She's pretty sure.Dead certain.Silence is the most important thing to kill her.Silence is indeed a killer.Especially those who are anxious.In this case, although she will know the result soon, it is worrying that the News of the result may not be tolerated.
How long can a person endure this silence?What happened in the arena?The screams of the audience have been heard for miles.Those who can't get in think of themselves as the most unfortunate.However, all the screeching sounds of screaming tell them the complete story.
The rest should be imagination.
Back home, a silence.
It is indeed a threat to remain silent.
This is the most embarrassing silence Benitez has ever experienced.There is absolutely no sign that silence is coming to an end.Even if it did, it would never guarantee that it would bring the long-awaited relief.
So she thinks it's better to face silence forever than to face something she never thought she 'd face.She decided.But even the unbearable silence is beyond her control, for now she feels threatened with such silence.She felt that silence had begun to fade.She felt the silence was slowly disappearing.
It is fading slowly. be replaced.
There is something in the air that tells her that silence will soon be replaced...Hope to pass through something that is not too tolerable.Or is the threat of such a long silence, the threat of undermining it itself, a threat that could bring adverse news?Or is Angelita's ear joking with her?When there are signs of news coming, hope will come.
She thought she heard it.
Voice from far awayWhat she wants to hear is correct.She was!Benitez-The sound coming from a distance, slowly approaching, also has some recognizable sound.Angelita's ears are now listening attentively.
..Like she never heard before!She heard it, and she heard it!She seems to have never heard of it!Then she was listening...She heard what she wanted to hear very much...Her brother's voice is also very cheerful!The rest of the family members and neighbors all returned happily from the arena, all screaming.
Screaming with joy!Yes, I'm really happy!Those screams are nothing more than the screams of victory!The scream of victory is different from all the other forms of screaming!This time, no more than anyone else in his life for the first time!Now the storm is over.It\'s calm.Can dozens or so of screams disturb such a clear calm that is now prevalent?It does not cause scars.Everything stopped now.No more fears.Intense relaxation can bring a great and magical calm that has never been described.
Just worry about the recent past.
Benitez was assured from Manolo before leaving for his first bullfight.The first of many peopleThe first one is always the best they say.It was his first win for himself, beyond Benitez's hope.
Can the promise Monolo gave her stimulate hope?..."Don't Cry Angelita, I'll buy you a house tonight or I'll wear you a funeral dress!...Important footnotesManuel Benitez Perez, known as El Cordobes, is Manolo for his family.
The Spanish bullfighter was born in poverty, but he realized his ambition through persistence. he became famous with extraordinary talents and became the greatest bullfighter of Spain in that era.Starting from childhood, his ambition was to wear the matador's clothes and bring a greater honor to the sport than his predecessor.
What interests him is not only the matador photos from various magazines, but also the movie he saw with the big Matador of that era as the protagonist, but it was his inner instinct that told him that he was the one the sport needed.The young and brave matador from Cordoba fascinates audiences across Spain, and his innovative tactics and dangerous moves fascinate them.El Cordobes became a superstar overnight because of his own style and boldness.
He is bold indeed!Two days later.
Goring, who was killed by a bull named Impulsivo, got up again!He fought until 1971, when he was the highest paid bullfighter in history.Eight years after his retirement, his desire for the sport defeated him and he fought again!However, he retired again in 2000.The 73-year-old former matador retired yesterday and lived somewhere in Cordoba.
Manolo's near-zero spectacular rise has to do with the exquisite fashion of Larry Collins and Dominic LaPier, who wrote the famous book "Is Paris Burning?The duo also wrote many winning stories.They tell the story in the best-selling book El Cordoba, titled "otherwise I will wear a funeral suit for you ".\ "This book contains a vivid description of every major bullfight starring Manolo.
If this short review has drawn your interest in El Cordobes and his life and adventure stories, I suggest you buy this book
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