Protect Your Media With A Quality Media Safe - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-26
Protect Your Media With A Quality Media Safe  -  fireproof
What happens if you catch fire and all the media files are destroyed?This can have a devastating impact on your business.Fire safe is very cost-effective-Protect you from this potentially terrible loss.When you buy a fire safe, you should look for something to make sure they don't disappoint you when you need them most.
The first thing to look at is the UL rating of the safe.The UL rating is done by the underwriters lab, notfor-Independent testing agency.Media security for US approvalS.UL rating based on temperature and time.For example, a 1 hour UL 125 rated safe box lasts at least 1 hour in a fire.
During this period, the temperature in the file cabinet will not exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit.In a fire, a 2 hour safety rating will last at least 2 hours.Media such as disks, discs, and tapes cannot survive at high temperatures.
If you store this medium, you need a safe with a low rating, which means that the temperature inside the safe will not be too high.Class 150 rated equipment is designed to protect paper and non-paper records such as EDP Media (tapes) and photographic records.Class 125 rated equipment is also used to protect flexible computer disks.
If rated "UL 72/125", this means that UL has tested the safe box with Test 72 (this is a test of the fire resistance of the recording protection equipment) and will keep the enclosed medium below 125 degrees F in the fire.You also want to make sure that any product you purchase has been tested in a variety of other ways.Test and drop test of 30 feet.This way, if your safe is in a building that collapsed in a fire, you can make sure that your media is protected.
The safety deposit boxes tested by UL 72 have been tested for fire resistance, explosion and impact.You may also want to see the safety quality of the safe.Since your files are also easily stolen, make sure they have a highly secure lock.
All of these specifications have high quality safes.Make sure you find a respected name in the industry and all of their products have the above specifications.You can do some research to find out who meets these conditions.
In a cheap fire safe-it's not worth it at all.Protect your business from fires or other natural disasters
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