Party Games for 13-Year-Old Teens - party game rentals

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-29
Party Games for 13-Year-Old Teens  -  party game rentals
School groups can destroy 13-year-
Birthday party for the old man.
When holding a party, you should have several games that are planned to interest teenagers.
Reward the winner of the game with prizes as an incentive for teenagers to play.
Some careful planning will ensure the game is not boring. Choose high-
Keep the energy game of the party alive.
Let all players choose a partner and sit on the floor at the back-to-
Come back with their partner.
Every player should bend his knee and his teammates need to lock his elbow.
On "Go", all teams try to get up without letting Go of each other.
The first team to stand up won the game.
This activity is much harder than it sounds.
Teenagers play this game alone.
At the head height of each teenager, hang a few (one per player) donuts from the ceiling (or a rope between two objects.
Blindfolded the teenagers and let them stand about 6 inch from the hanging donuts.
After you say "go", every teenager has to find her donut and eat it.
The first person to eat all her doughnuts on the rope won the race.
Set up a volleyball net in the backyard and divide the teenagers into two teams.
Give each team a sheet or blanket.
Each team uses this paper to try to get the water ball over the net.
The other team must use the sheets to catch the balloon without breaking it.
If the balloon breaks, the other team will understand.
The game continued until the team reached 10 points.
Fill nylon socks with flour and tie them up with rubber bands.
All players need darkness.
Color shirt (best in black and dark blue ).
Select two players as "it" and give each of them a nylon flour bag.
Play this game like a classic tag game, but instruct the player to tag someone using a flour bag.
Set up a game area with boundaries.
On "Go", the player must escape from the "it" player.
If a flour bag marks a player, there will be a flour mark on his shirt and he will become a new "it ".
"Wipe the flour marks on the player's shirt with a wet rag.
Divide the players into two teams.
Each team needs a pair of pantyhose and an orange.
Put an orange on the legs of a pair of pantyhose and tie the hose to the waist of one player in each team.
Use the orange color in the pantyhose as the "third leg" and hang it between the player's legs.
Mark a line about 10 feet away from the player.
Place another orange on the ground in front of the player.
When you say "go", each player must hit another Orange using her "third leg" and move it to the marked line and back.
The next player tied the pantyhose to his waist and did the same thing.
The first team to complete the relay won the game by having two players complete the task.
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