party game rentals Adult Party Games for St. Patrick's Day

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-25

Ireland's history is usually celebrated after drinking.Patrick's Day is coming.But your St.Patrick's Day party, you can still have a whole night party while also celebrating your Irish peers contributions to history and culture by attending some fun Irish partiesAdult theme party games.To play the Irish version of the game, "who am I", you first need to come up with some key characters of Irish culture.Well-known Irish celebrities like porno and Colin Farrell are a great start.Write the names of these people on the note card and stick them on the guest's forehead to make sure they don't see who they are getting.The party then asks each other questions to see what names are written on their notes cards.For this game, search the internet for some Irish trivia, including certain moments of cultural importance in Irish history.Before your guests arrive, write down a large number of questions (and answers) on the notes card to ask each other questions in trivia games.Be sure to tell your guests that they should learn about the culture and history of Ireland before they arrive.When the time comes, gather everyone in a common area and ask each other questions.Whoever answers the most questions will win the game.Before your friend joins you, make a mix CD with some Irish songs, including typical "Danny boys" and some other songs like "Whiskey in the Jar "."Gather your friends in a place that is enough for everyone.Of course, after you drink enough wine, you can start dancing to the music.The person or couple who lasted the longest time on the dance floor won the game.Alternatively, you can decide the winner based on the opinions of the three pre-determined judges on the dance movements of the contestants.Play a movie of Irish characters and Irish history.Before the movie starts, pick some typical Irish phrases, and then, whenever they are used in the movie, the party takes a picture.Some phrases and terms include "arse", "shite" and "eejit "."Or, whenever a character mentions a place in Ireland, or a part of the history of Ireland, you can take pictures.You can also take pictures whenever you see Irish characters drinking or punching each other, as these are typical Irish things.
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