outside games for adults How to Plan an Amazing Race Party for Adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-18

A reality TV show broadcast by CBS, "the magic game," sent the team to foreign countries around the world to complete the task of strength and wisdom, trying to win the logic and endurance of millions of dollars.By hosting the "amazing contest" party, part of which is a treasure hunt and part of the obstacle course, capture the daring competitive elements of the show in one night.Combine all aspects of international travel, foreign cuisine and cultureinspired tasks.Send out invitations detailing the theme of the party, including instructions for wearing comfortable clothes and running shoes for the "Amazing Race."Instruct guests to form at least two but no more than five teams together with their team roster so you can get the right number of people to prepare for the game.Guests who do not have a team are advised to send a notification in advance so you can arrange for them to join the team.Decorate each location with photos, souvenirs and suitable flags from different international locations.Select a country that is well paired with a specific task set up for each location, such as eshibiaPerform a mission in the cemetery and a mission in transivania.A checkpoint volunteer is stationed at each location to ensure supplies are ready, tasks are completed correctly, and the next sealed lead envelope is distributed to the team.Create a series of riddles and clues that will guide guests to a range of destinations around the city, including several private residences and a number of public places.Incorporate tips for tasks that must be completed at the upcoming location into the appropriate thread for guest discussion.Ensure that all team members arrive at the departure location by checking the team roster.Distribute to each team the first thread containing their first destination, advising them not to open the envelope until they are instructed.Strength or endurance test at the first private home court, the team must carry 5-A bucket of gallons of water fills a shallow pool.Give volunteers a copy of the team roster to ensure that all teams have completed the checkpoint before closing the checkpoint and heading to the finish line destination.The direct team went to the public cemetery to find a second clue and instructed to find the date of death of the particular person buried in the cemetery.Dispatch inspection station volunteers at the entrance, distribute tracing drawings and charcoal for the team, rub the right tombstone to complete their task.Let the checkpoint volunteers distribute the next sealed lead envelope to the team after checking the garbage to make sure they find the correct grave mark.Showcase a variety of exotic foods from a variety of international venues, such as chicken feet, liver or octopus sushi.Put the corresponding flags into the dishes to indicate which country they came from.Instruct each team to pick a team member for an unusual dish.Instruct the checkpoint volunteers to ensure that the team members have swallowed the food before handing out the final sealed lead envelope to the team.Set up buffet for snacks and drinks including alcohol and non-alcoholFinally, the end point for checkpoint volunteers and competitors is alcoholic drinks.Write down which team arrived at the finish line destination first.Once all teams cross the finish line, award the award to the winning team.
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