outside games for adults Are We Spoiling Our Kids With Too Much Stuff?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-13
outside games for adults Are We Spoiling Our Kids With Too Much Stuff?
Are you parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches or employers who are frustrated with the rights of many of our young children?That's not all they have.They have enough clothes for the little orphanage, enough toys for the playground, and enough excuses for them to do every housework.If so, you will certainly agree with Fred G.
Today's children are spoiled and how to change them.self-?happy.28% said they considered suicide.These are the best.Our children need discipline, direction, love and gifts of our time.No more, no more.Never lost the battle;Their lives can be changed.
However, excessive gifts and toys must end, unreasonable attention to each of their thoughts and feelings must end, and acceptance of their mediocrity must end.We must make our standards clear, and we must clearly communicate and vigorously implement the consequences once the standards are violated.It is time to remind our children, alas, that they are only children;Although they are very important, the Earth still revolves around the sun.
A few years ago, at a family Christmas party, the adults shuddered as they watched the piles of parcels under the trees.Material wealth.An uncle mentioned that there are only three gifts for Christ's children, so maybe we should follow suit.We checked the package carefully, and each of the three selected one in the box.
The mound looks small.
This time, we replaced the gift with an envelope.The envelope is a promise of time;Spend uninterrupted time alone with an adult who loves them.The next pass is to change a large envelope with a gift, promising that the gift will be delivered within two weeks if the child still wants it.
A bunch of gifts look more realistic and surprisingly only a few kids complain and want more.We were confused when we explained that when we bought so many toys and trinkets and forgot what the real gift was;Our love and respect for each other.We promised them Christmas this year and they will never forget it, just like they forgot last year's toys.
The adults turned off the TV game and put down the newspaper. we all walked a long way and played games outside.We were with every child and they heard something that we all forgot to say.
It's a precious gift to let our children know that you can't always have everything you want.Sometimes you are disappointed in your life.Live with it.Understand that the latest things on toys, clothes, trinkets and advertising will eventually break or go out of date.
It will never be given, it is shared.
Electronics will never be compared to the grandfather who read to you or the aunt who baked chocolate cookies with you..If you are worried that your children and grandchildren seem to be spoiled and selfish, I know how you feel and I feel the same way.Now we find that children are looking for less under the trees, and the time spent with adults in their lives makes more sense.
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