outdoor games for adults Segways, ziplines, ropes and bikes ready for holiday family fun

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-29
outdoor games for adults Segways, ziplines, ropes and bikes ready for holiday family fun
10 yearsxa0Holly Bank Treetops Adventure Park has attracted numerous visitors to challenge themselves,xa0Overcome their fears and fun.There are only 20 parks in Hollybank Forest Reservexa0Just minutes from Launceston, Launceston celebrated its 10-year operation on January 14, with its popularity and the choice of outdoor activities growing continuously.Hollybank Treetops Adventure Parkxa0Zipline Tours, Segway tours, mountain bike rentals, and high-rope handicap classes are available.
For a family, this is the perfect day trip for school holidays or teams --Construction activities of local enterprises."We have been offering zipline tours for 10 years," said Jacqui Willis, website manager ."."It's on the canopy, with two guides moving from platform to platform.
We take people through a 23-Maximum height of rice."It runs through the Piper River and at this point they are 50 metres.You can see some very spectacular views.The park, which started offering a Segway tour in 2011, has grown to be 1.
5-hour guided flight through the forest and the latest sights, high ropes-through-the-About two years ago, the tree barrier course began.It is self-But it will take two hours to get through the obstacles on the tree.Shaking bridges, cargo networks, tunnels, etc.
They also rent mountain bikes for people to use on public trails.Mrs. Willis, who has worked in Hollybank for eight of 10 years and the park has been open, said she has experienced some memorable moments over the years."You remember some special people," she said .
"As early as I started, there was a woman who thought she couldn't do it.xa0But in the end, she leaned against the platform to take pictures.Offering Zipline tours during day or dusk tours,xa0Go for three hours, $125 for adults, $90 for children17 years (children under 12 years of age and 12 years of age need parental participation, and children under 35 kg years of age must take a ride with their parents ).
Discount evening tourxa0Experience the opportunity of Twilight and evening tranquility, when you fly over the woods with only helmet lights, there are stars above you in the sky under the moonlight.You can even be lucky enough to see some of the night-time animals in tazhou.The Segway tour is $100 per person (12 years and older ).
The two-4-hour rope course $257 year-Old people,xa0$8-$3817 year-$48 for adults ($43 off )
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