outdoor games for adults Outdoor Games Played in Medieval Times and Earlier

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-14
outdoor games for adults Outdoor Games Played in Medieval Times and Earlier
It is very difficult for young people to participate in many activities.Learn some games that are easy and suitable for activities.games.How many miles to London?Britain.The style is shown below.Then each player selects a mark, usually a stone.
The game starts with the first player to throw stones into the first space.Jump through the course.straddled.each square.There is no space marked with numbers, such as London, home, etc.Considered to be the rest square, can land in any way.
Then turn back and collect his marks along the way.on.The correct square, or if it hits the line, the player ends.If the player steps on the line, misses a square, or loses the balance and falls.
Any player who is too close.
Went without being caught.
Jingle is the opposite of rogue bluff.
In addition to "it", players are blindfolded.The players must try to catch him.next game.Draw a circle or other shape.Cannot leave the area.Try to cross the area without marking.Must work hand in hand with other players and help them catch the other players.Labeled, they will join at the end of the team.
Line can mark players.
When they try to run pastThe last person to be caught is the opponent of the next game.How many miles to London?: This game starts with blindfolded eyes.Then other players line up and ask for directions.
How many steps must they go forward, backward, left or right.We must do it in our own direction.Arriving at the final destination, he has to try to touch another player.feet.again.three.the same.1 small white ball required for the game (about 1-1 in diameter and 2 in diameterEach player has 4 balls with a diameter of about 3.
Depending on the age and skill of the player ).As a "Jack", "parrio", or "Corkhill ".The designated venue under competition.Their ball is closest to Jack.It's his turn recently.positions.Players can get the best ball in many ways.They can simply roll the ball to the nearest place to the jack.
Strike another player's ball closer to his or his own.Hit the Jack and keep it away from the balls of other athletes.playersâx80x99.The competition usually lasts until 15 points.
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