Outdoor Family Games - inflatable outdoor games

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-17
Outdoor Family Games  -  inflatable outdoor games
Planning an interesting family party this weekend?
You need some outdoor home games to be successful.
Check out some tips for your special family day. . .
Once in a while, each family needs to spend some time with another family.
Not only parents but also children have a lot to worry about now.
With work, school, and household chores, it's not wrong to say that almost no one can eat together.
If this is the case where you are, or you are the kind of family that likes to have fun and adventure on weekends, then you should organize some outdoor home games.
Before the invention of video games and mobile phones, children often go out to play.
But now everything has changed and they are not so active.
You can kill two birds with a stone.
Playing fun games can not only give everyone good physical fitness, but also bring your family closer.
What are you waiting?
One of the best things to plan a family party or a family weekend is the game.
Family games are fun for people of all ages and give you a chance to communicate with each other.
Check out these great outdoor games.
For this game, you need a chair less than the total number of people involved in the game.
To play the game, let someone (someone who doesn't want to play) hold a small boom.
Arrange the chairs in the same direction for each spare chair.
Let people with music look at it from another angle and turn on the music.
Everyone is in line, and once the music starts playing, it is walking up and down on the chairs lined up.
When the music stops, sit in the closest chair in front of you before others have a chance.
They went out no matter who stood.
Take out a chair again and follow the same instructions.
In the end, whoever sits in a chair wins.
In this game you need to make a 10x10 grid on the sidewalk.
Now each player will stand in a square and when the game starts the player will move to an empty square.
Because you can't cross someone and stand on an occupied square, you need to time for every move.
If you can't find an empty square and get stuck for more than 1 round (which means other players have crossed and the rest is you), you quit the game.
The game lasts until the last player is left.
To play the game, ask everyone to stand in a tight circle and not leave any gaps between each other.
Everyone has to choose fruit (banana, tomato, grape, apple, cherry ). . . ). .
I will call the name of a fruit.
Other people who choose fruit will run to different places;
It is best to have a blank area left by another player similar to the fruit group.
You can stand directly next to where you stood before, and no one can stand in the same place as them.
The middle position.
There was no chance to walk into an empty space and he/she had to do it again with a new fruit.
Take a large cloth (not used or cut) and make as many as the player.
Now all players will put a strap in their back pocket and a small piece.
When the whistle rings, everyone tries to take the note from each other's pockets.
The player with the biggest bar will win the game.
In the game, if your strip is taken away, you still have a chance to get someone else back in order to stay in the game.
To organize a treasure hunt, you need to divide the player into two equal groups.
Plan ahead because you have to hide all the hunting clues in advance.
Make 2 maps of the location of the hunt and make sure to keep it in a safe neighborhood or park.
Write all the clues on small pieces of paper and hide them in unimaginable places.
Don't participate if you organize a hunt.
Instead, be a judge of the game to make sure no one cheats.
No matter which team comes back with all the clues resolved, prizes will be awarded.
The game is very simple to assemble but hard to play (physically challenging ).
This game needs two flags, divided into two groups.
Now on the court, put the flag at both ends as much as possible and keep the goalkeeper.
When the whistle rings, a team of players will try to take the flag of the other team and vice versa.
Here, you have to defend your flag in addition to stealing the flags of other teams.
No matter which team manages to secure their flag and steal the flag of another team to the maximum, it will win.
Marco Polo is one of the most popular games you can also play in the pool and on the ground.
Someone who must be blindfolded or closed.
Hide in the water. loudly. . . . Paint-
No, I'm not asking you to paint balloons.
What we are doing is changing the paintball game.
We will use balloons full of colored water instead of paintguns, or better yet, Kool-Aid.
Divide yourself into 2-
3 teams, fill the balloon with colored water or Kool-Aid.
The trick now is that each team will choose 1 color to represent themselves.
Assuming you have 3 teams then team 1 will use red, Team 2 will use blue and Team 3 will use green.
Once the whistle rings, hide and navigate to the opponent to get them wet with your color.
The main idea of organizing these amazing games is to get everyone together and have a great time.
Bring snacks and plenty of fresh juice to your outdoor home and have fun playing some family games.
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