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Our Need For William Shatner  -  marquee
In the past days, it was old days for you, but it was not old days for me, and certain actors and actresses would become so popular that they would continue forever in the film, until they can't do the job again or die.Some of them are Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and others.It is said that this is due to their superb skills in performance.
We will watch one of their movies and say, wow, he still has.This means that he is still a great actor.These names are so powerful that when they appear on movie subtitles, many people rush to see them because of someone in the movie.
I think you would say this is the golden age of cinema.Then a very profound thing happened.TV is becoming popular.With television, however, it is much harder to get that status, although at the beginning some people did like Milton Bell and Jack Benny, the two comedians.Then it happened. a man in his 60 s came to the scene. his reputation is still with us.William Shatner is not an actor and you will put him in a class in Fonda, Taylor or Bogart.
He never claimed he was.
He began his acting career in 1950.
He was born in 1931 and his real name is unusual.His full name is William Allen Shatner, who was born in Canada as most people know.His grandfather was Wolf Schattner, who translated the last name into Shatner in English.
Shatner grew up in a conservative Jewish religion.When I say Shattner is not in the class of Fonda and others, it is not that he is not a good actor.He was trained as a classical Shakespeare actor and made his debut at the Canadian strafu festival in strafu, Ontario.
Shatner's personality seems to make us like to see him.I don't know him because I have never seen him, but he is really a very cute person.I remember seeing him recently on an interview show, where he interviewed Leonard Nemo on cable.
I can't let myself leave it.
Does Shatner have some power over us that we don't know?There are still some people around us who remember the Hello Dodi show.It was a very early TV show showing the kids a puppet as Howdy Doody.Shatner plays Ranger Bob in the Canadian version.
Satner does have some experience in the film, in the film Brothers kalamazov.He plays his brother.There were many big names in the film, such as yur Bringer and Li j.Cobb, Richard berhart, Albert Salmi, Maria Schell, Claire Bloom and others.
Although Shatner has made a lot of movies in addition to Star Trek, I don't believe that's why he is popular.It was originally from television.He has produced at least a few of the original Twilight films that are often broadcast on television.He also made a lot of voices, but when he became Captain Kirk, the fearless captain of the Starship Enterprise, his career was truly born.
Although it looked strange, he probably didn't know at the time because the TV series was canceled after about 90 episodes, but he enjoyed it and still enjoyed the constant re-productionruns.Millions of people have grown up watching Shatner perform some hammy shows sometimes in the series, but he makes every episode enjoyable.The show began to live its own life.Star Trek began to be seen everywhere, and all of a sudden everything about Star Trek was collected.
Kirk (William Shatner) began to appear in the form of a small plastic statue in all the different Star Trek toys.People don't seem to know enough about him.Then the Star Trek movie.Shatner seems to have perfected his acting ability, which is more enjoyable in the film than on the TV screen.
The first movie was Star Trek.
Not really good.
However, the next movie is considered one of the best, which is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.Other films featuring the original actor are Star Trek III: Looking for spook, Star Trek IV: Home of navigation, Star Trek V: FinalThe last Star Trek movie that satner will be in is Star Trek: Generations.It's time for us to see Charner again.It has been a while since he appeared on TV.
Before I start, I have to tell you that Shatner has received or been nominated for many awards for his performance.2005 Golden Globes: The actor's best performance in a series, mini-series or supporting role in a Movie Made for Television1999 Emmy: Outstanding Cameo actors in the comedy series2004 Emmy Award: Outstanding Cameo actors in TV series2005 Emmy Award: Outstanding Supporting Actor in TV series2006 Emmy Award: Outstanding Supporting Actor in TV series2007 Emmy Award: Outstanding Supporting Actor in TV series2008 Golden Globes: The actor's best performance in a series, mini-series or supporting role in a Movie Made for Television2008 Emmy Award: Outstanding Supporting Actor in TV series2009 Emmy Award: Outstanding Supporting Actor in TV seriesShatner appeared in several TV series.They are the $10,000 Pyramid, The Rock 3rd from the sun, the battle of cyber stars, Dr.
Kildare, T.
Hook, defender, Craig Kilburn's late show and practice.He is also a guest star for more than 260 performances.He appeared in more than 52 films as an actor or voice.
On top of that, we have to add that he made some shows and directed some.At the age of 79, in the writing of this article, Shatner is not finished yet, and there is currently a new program to meet the needs of us to meet him, which is called the original nerve of Shatner, appears on the Bio Channel.This is basically an interview show where a guest came and was asked interesting questions by Shatner.
It might be different from watching Shatner fight with anything at hand with an alien that looks like a lizard, but he gets a little long for it.I think we just need to meet our Shatner needs without the actions that have accompanied them in the past.An old Shattner is better than no Shattner.
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