Oklahoma Museums: LeFlore County Museum in Poteau, Oklahoma; The Rebirth of a Historic Building - fireproof

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Oklahoma Museums: LeFlore County Museum in Poteau, Oklahoma; The Rebirth of a Historic Building  -  fireproof
The vigorous young man in his 20 s rushed to Poto.While most of the country is behindDuring the Depression of the war, the city of BOTU was thriving.In 1910, the population of porteo was just over 1,182.
The population has soared to about 1920, to 2,500.Rich businesses flocked to BOTU, investing in everything from real estate to industry.In the jazz age, the development of music reached its peak.
On 1924, after laying the streets of poteau Marina, 25 blocks, the city held a grand celebration.The newly laid streets are packed with citizens from all over the county.Cars are mixed up with old carsOn their horse timer-The citizens dressed in holiday costumes took the stroller while walking on the street.
The music was filled with air as the celebration lasted until a few hours in the early morning.As tourists continue to pour into the BOTU, it will soon be found that the number of accommodation does not meet the influx of tourists.All this progress prompted Wiley W.Loré, a local businessman and land developer, has made plans for the best hotels in the area.
The future Lowry Hotel was built in 1922 with a contract amount of $32,000 from W.W.As a home for retail and office space.Later, the Lowry Hotel was transformed into a luxury hotel, which is the envy of any big city.Today, the status of the hotel proves the change of the times.
A few years ago, plans were made to transform old buildings into new county museums.The old Lorrie hotel has served a variety of purposes over the years.With every cycle, the building has undergone great changes.
On 1960, the hall was separated from the entrance and the clestatory window was covered by a huge metal plate on the outside.Carpet was installed on the original tile floor, and many large windows were boarded.As one can imagine, it will take considerable effort to restore the former glory of the old Lowry Hotel.
The metal panel was removed, the carpet was torn off, and the partition of the hall was torn off.Workers were busy repainting and repairing the second floor in October 2010.Today, the museum has made amazing changes!There is a rotating exhibition on the ground floor of the museum, and the other two floors have amazing exhibitions.
now it is the Exhibition Building and destination in the center of BOTU.The focus of the museum is to showcase artifacts that showcase the history of leverle County and tell stories about the early history of the area.It is now a hub for travel, short-term and permanent exhibitions.
Wiley W.
Loré is one of the most outstanding figures in Poto.Lorrie has served as president of orkama immigration and is an entrepreneur in the gas and real estate industry.It can be said that if it's not for Willie W.
Lovey, pordo will not be like today.
Lowrey, who has been looking for new investment opportunities, understands the need for a modern building in the heart of Poteau.With so many visitors coming to Poteau, Lowrey quickly decided to buy a lot on Dewey Avenue.In 1922, building three-The story of the Lowry building began.
Lowrey building was originally conceptualized as an upscale office building that contains retail space across the first floor.The retail outlets include barber shops, jewelry shops and cleaners.The second and third floors serve as office space.
The life of the office building will eventually be very short.At about 1930 kilometers, the office building was transformed into a Lowry Hotel.Large-scale reconstruction was followed.The old barber shop was transformed into a two-story hall.
Jewelry stores and cleaners were blown up and converted into restaurants and coffee shops.In the same section, a full-service kitchen and a mezzanine private dining room with waiters were added.The arched windows create an elegant and modern hotel look.
The office space on the second and third floors has also been converted into hotel rooms.Bathroom is installed with stylish inlaid tiles and modern fixtures.Expensive furniture is placed in the hotel's rooms, including fine beds, chairs, pictures and writing desks.
The carpeted rooms add to the elegance of the times.The building also has a steam heating system.The Lowrey Hotel is as good as any big city hotel.
In an era without air conditioningThe old Lowry Hotel is still cool in summer and warm in winter.This is a great advantage for travelers.This is achieved through the unique construction of the hotel.The Loire hotel is the first building built in Poto with steel and concrete and is known as a fire-proof building.
Concrete is an excellent thermal insulation in winter and helps keep heat in the summer.The Lowry Hotel business was quickly out of its reach.The hotel is located on the high ground between the two train stations next to the highway and soon becomes the favorite parking lot for travelers who are tired of the highway.
In addition to shops and guest rooms, Lorrie hotel provides a common room and a shower.This is the best hotel in the area for travelers.As the years passed, the growth of the BOTU began to slow down and the hotel began to lose money.
At some point in the 1960 s, the door was closed and the hotel closed.Since then, the building has been home to the Carl Albert community college dormitory and the OSU extended services office as well as other short-term service centersLive businessEvery new occupation of the old Lowry Hotel has changed the building.It was not until the Leflore County Historical Society acquired the old building in 2008 that the old hotel was vaguely brilliant.
Most of the original building has been repaired today.Efforts are continuing to preserve and restore many of the things that have been lost
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