obstacle course The Ninja Warrior fitness fad is coming to Australia in 2017

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obstacle course The Ninja Warrior fitness fad is coming to Australia in 2017
Currently, one of Australia's largest ever television shows is being filmed on Parrot Island in Sydney Harbour.Latest series of international spins-Offxa0Suukxa0-Japan obstacle course game show, global fanatic followersxa0Ninja Warriors Australiaxa0250 contestants will be seen trying to complete the physics-Challenge obstacle courses when the program is broadcast on Nine networks in the middle2017.Only the most suitable men and women in this country-personal coaches, tough mud champions, Olympic athletes, former athletesSpecial forces, etc.
-Be invited to test their courage to fight rope climbing, curved walls, inverted rock climbing, according to Adrian Swift, nine content leaders, the spinning bridges and other obstacles on the Cockatoo Island constitute "the largest and most unlikely course in the world ".But an hour's drive south of Sydney harbor.In the suburbs of Ramsgate Beach, ordinary men and women, including postpartum mothers, are using similar obstacles as part of the new NinjaInspired exercise methods, take advantage of the essence of many different disciplines and combine them together to create the ultimate exercise-the five-star training method.
"Not only do we do yoga, Pilates, triathlon, weight or obstacle training, but we also use the strengths of each subject to create a new way of training," said founder Mike McAndrew.Five-star fitness is one of the oldest gyms in Australia.It was opened on 1971 by Paul Graham, Australian president of the International Bodybuilding Federation.
An old-In Los Angeles and Arnold Schwarzenegger rented a 1960-year-old apartment, Graham also took ANI to Sydney several times in his 70 s and 80 s, to promote the development of fitness in Australia.The gym has changed to varying degrees over the years until McAndrew with Pilates and boxing background takes over in 2005.For the past decade, he has been equipped with the most luxurious facilities for the gym.
Tech workout equipment can be found anywhere on Earth: KickBoxing avatars and displays with multiple percussion pads, shouting "ouch" when you hit it, helps to make the Copa America sailor a grinder for the most powerful UpperPhysical athletes around the world, Gymnastics vault bars, cardio equipment, Pilates equipment, electric wheels, cargo nets, Austrian hexadecimal bars and timberCutting machine.Weavingxa0In many rooms in the gym, corners and gaps are a barrier course for Ninja University."I know there are no other gyms in Australia that are like this," said McAndrew .
"There are emerging gyms all over the country doing similar things, but the old warship was a pioneer.CrossFit?That's what we did 10 years ago."But in the past few years, with the hard mud and Sparta race endurance program, obstacle training has really taken the lead, and nowxa0Ninja Warriors Australiaxa0Television programs.I suspect some of my clients are involved in the show although I am not sure because I have heard that they all have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are not allowed to talk about it.
MacAndrew said that many of his clients, up to 30 or 40 cents, are coaches who have reached a certain level of fitness and want to take things to a new level through more challenging workouts."Am I afraid they will copy my thoughts?No,\" he says."You can copy his recipe from Jamie Oliver's book, but it won't make you Jamie Oliver.
At seven o'clock P.
, a group of uber called lithe-Fit men and women with torn Tosos, chiseled chests and rockshard thighs.Neither of them will confirm or deny that they are competing.xa0Australian Ninja fighters, though by the way, the way they work on the obstacle route seems to be able to maintain their advantage among Australia's most hidden ninjas.
"The first thing when everyone sees these obstacles is 'Oh my God!I can't do that!\ "McAndrews said, running into a miniWhile trying to grab the rope that shakes from the ceiling, the trampoline and jump into the air.He did not succeed for the first and second time, although he nailed it for the third time."We call it a leap of faith because, like many barrier exercises, it requires participants to leave fear and doubt at the door and then do it.
He pointed to a rectangle and said, "and that --"The military DingTalk Wall, also suspended in the shape of the ceiling, was invented for the training of British special forces.The idea is that you put the nails in and walk around, but it's too hard for only one of the 3000 people to do that.This is a new type of rock wall that works completely without legs.
Even experienced climbers come here and get frightened when they see it.Meanwhile, the ninjas are everywhere.A scammer built an unstable set of rings-the reason for the instability is that they are hung on the chains on the ceiling, so moving around requires double grip and balance.Another ninja ran a 6-meter-high curved wall, and another Ninja cleaned up and hit the pull with a short burst of powerErect different gaps on the ladder.
There is also the spider wall, a long plexiglass tunnel where you stretch out your arms and legs and jump forward like a spider without touching the ground."You know, all of this is very new and there is still a long way to go for the sport," McAndrews said ."."But I 've been working in the fitness industry for almost 30 years and if I know one thing there's always something new to attract customers.
I think obstacle training will be fine next year
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