obstacle course Teen Water Games

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-28

In helping teenagers plan party games, you have to take a red line between having fun and not being too childish.Teen water games offer everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves and friends without sacrificing too much dignity.To ensure that every teenager is involved in the water party game, emphasis is placed on teamwork and collective victories, not individual achievements.Divide the teenagers into two groups and give each one a big foam cup with a hole in the bottom (with nails ).Before the party, set up a class with obstacles that are tricky but not too difficult, such as two laps around the chair and skipping the flowerpot.Barrier classes should be available at the end of the bucket.The first player of each team fills the cup with water and holds it on his head.Then he ran through the obstacles and emptied the rest of the water into the empty bucket.The team continued until a team filled the barrel to the designated location.Prepare the area like a football field with two goals and enough space to run.Arm every teenager with super armssoaker-style gun.As long as it gives out a lot of pressurized water, any type can work.Inflatable beach balls are provided instead of football.Let teenagers play with traditional football rules, but teenagers have to use only the water in the spray gun instead of playing football.Even the goalkeeper must use a water gun to turn any shot to the goal.Divide the teenagers into four groups and then provide two towels and a water ball for each group.Each pair of teenagers must hold a towel between them and throw the balloon back and forth with only a towel.The team has to work together, launch balloons from the towels and move around and grab the balloons with towels.Their water balloon won the longest team complete.If the teen water party is held in the pool, let everyone play octopus together.One is an octopus, starting at one end of the pool.Everyone else started at the other end trying to get to the octopus side of the pool.The octopus must be labeled before reaching the other end.When someone is labeled, they become the arm of the octopus."They have to stand where they are and label only those who reach out.In the end, the octopus and all his "arms" will end the game for everyone.
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