obstacle course Reformation Day Lesson

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obstacle course Reformation Day Lesson
This is an interesting hand.Lesson on reform.Nail 95 papers on Wittenberg's door, eat chewing gum worms for the worm's diet, and make Tulip origami, when you learn about the deeds of Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tindale and Scotland.Use this fun lesson and idea in your church reform Day festival, family or school study, youth group or family school collaborationop class!1.Pray.Today is the day of religious reform.If anyone knows why we celebrate religious reform Day2.
Read Martin Luther.
Martin Luther: What should I do?\ "If you have a group of young children or hybrid, Catherine McKenzie will say that.Read "Martin Luther: The Man Who Changed the World" by Paul L.Maier if you have a older child.A book about Martin Luther, such as "Martin Luther: What should I do?Martin Luther: The Man Who Changed the World by Catherine McKenzie Paul L.
-When Martin Luther went to church, people were told that some of their sins could be partially forgiven if they gave the money to the church, and they could also save their relatives who died but were not Christians.The money is called indulgence.We know it's not true, but they are not allowed to read the Bible by themselves, so they don't know!-Give 30 p to each child.Let the children try to throw the coins into their designated vault.
They can throw a penny at a time.
The older child will have to throw from a further distance.4.-It is wrong to pay for their sins, and many other things that people learn in church are wrong.He wanted everyone to know, so he wrote a long list of many things he wanted to share with people.
At that time, the door of the church was a bit like a town newspaper.If you have some news that you want others to know, you will write it down and nail it to the door of the church.Luther nailed his list of 95 papers or ideas to the door of Wittenberg's church for everyone to see.
-Because the next day is a church festival called "Halloween", people should remember the dead Christians.There.This is another way the church is trying to make more money.They will host some travel shows that they say come from the Bible era.
If you pay, you can see that they claim to be a small piece of wood on the cross of Jesus.You can also see a small piece of cloth.After they claimed that Jesus died on the cross, it was used to wrap him.They also have other artifacts.They say that if you see these artifacts or pray to them, your prayers will be answered.
Again, we know it's not true, but people don't know it's not true because they don't have a Bible to read.This is another paper or complaint from Martin Luther about the church.-Let the children nail 95 papers on a piece of wood.
* Note: In the past, the game we played was "tie 95 papers to Wittenberg's door" in a similar way to "nail the tail to the donkey ".This year we asked them to nail the paper on a piece of wood.Children like to use hammers and nails and no one is hurt in the process.
The Diet of Worms: (* prepare: Prepare a plate for each child.There were two sticky bugs lying on the plate.Cover the sticky bugs with a cool whip.Sprinkle Oreo cookies on the Cool Whip.-The church was not happy with Martin Luther's release of what they thought was a complaint.
They held a church court meeting called "diet.It is held in a city called worms in Germany.The meeting was called the worm diet.In German, W sends audio-visual V.It looks like a worm food in English.In the Diet of Worms, the church leader told him that he needed to give up, or that what he said about the church was not true.
He refused.
And he answered, I stand here;I can't do anything else.God help me.Amen!-Let the children eat two chewing gum worms without their hands.(The youngest children can use their hands if they want to do so.
-A few years after defending what he wrote, the Church declared him a pagan and ordered him to be arrested!They wanted to kill him.Martin Luther had to escape!-Divide the children into two teams.Let them participate in the obstacle relay race.
A pair of items for the obstacle course, such as having the horse run with the trot, having the cone of the "enemy" turn, a chair crawling or skipping with a broom stick, and so on.7.Before and after Martin Luther, there were many church reformers.One of the reformers who lived in the same era as Martin Luther was John Calvin.
Read John Calvin's book: "John Calvin: What is the truth?Catherine McKenzie.John Calvin's books, such as "John Calvin: What is the truth?8.-Like Martin Luther, John Calvin realized that many of the beliefs taught in the church did not come from the Bible.
He tells people what the Bible says about how people become Christians.To help people remember these ideas, someone created an acronym to remember them: tulips.T means complete depravity, which means everyone is guilty.
You represent an unconditional election, which means that God chooses some people to be Christians.L represents the limited atonement.Jesus died for the sins of all Christians.I represent irresistible elegance.If God decides that you will become a Christian, then you will become a Christian.
P represents the perseverance of the Saints.You are really a Christian and you will always be a Christian.You can't lose your redemption.-.3-Scissors are also needed ).9.Circle (* ready: connect the rope to a single donut in advance.
Tie the rope to something they can hang on, such as a branch or a broom placed between two ladders.-Prince John Frederick is one of the people who protect Martin Luther.As a gift to Martin Luther, Prince Frederick made a ring for Luther.
Martin Luther asked the seal to have a red white rose and a black cross in the middle.Around all this, it should be a golden circle, "which means that the happiness of heaven will always exist, more precious than all worldly pleasures and possessions, even though gold is the most precious metal.-Circles have also been used by many other Reformed churches.
The Scottish Church of the Covenant has spread many ideas of reform.Some Scottish indentors have circles on their flags.In the circle it says "Christ and covenant" with two swords, two guns and the Bible.
They are willing to fight for the word of God.-Let the children form a circle and walk in this circle.Ask where to start and end.God is like this circle.He is eternal, neither the beginning nor the end.
-Let the child eat doughnuts hanging on a rope with only his mouth (no hands) (these doughnuts are round in gold rings ).Children can use their hands.If space is limited, divide the child into two groups.Allow young children to go first, and then let older children go.
You can use frosted donuts if you want to make the kids messy.Using regular cake donuts or glazed donuts can reduce confusion.10.Watch the movie torch lighter: William Tindale if time permits.
William Tindale was influenced by Martin Luther.He translated the Bible into English in Greek and Hebrew text (not Latin Vulgate.His Bible is one of the first to reform the Bible and is welcomed through the newly invented Press.
He was eventually accused of evil and martyrs.11.Sometimes we also include a cake walk.After picking someone's number, they have to answer a trivia question correctly in order to win the dessert.Other times we just play trivia games, usually men and girls.
I include the following questions and answer options.The correct answer to each question is placed in brackets at the end of each question.1.What festivals do people who reform their beliefs celebrate on October 31?2.
What is the five points of Calvin?3.
Who is the Morning Star of reform?4.
The letter "p" represents the purpose of the reform of faith?5.Which of the following is not a problem that needs reform during the reform period?6.What did Martin Luther nail on the door of the Wittenberg church?7.
Which of the following is not a famous reformist?8.What is the name of the certificate sold by the Roman Catholic Church that promises people to be freed from the work of repentance in life and purgatory?9.What year did Martin Luther finish his 90?Five papers on the door of the Castle Church Wittenberg?10.
Martin Luther published his ninety.
On October 31, five papers on the door of Wittenberg, the castle church, because the next day, many people will come to Mass to celebrate the festival of November 1?11.The letter "letter" represents the purpose of the reform of faith?12.The letter "letter" represents the purpose of the reform of faith?13.
What language did Martin Luther write his 90 s?five Theses?14.Martin Luther wrote which of the following hymns during the religious reform?15.The letter "letter" represents the purpose of the reform of faith?16.
During the period of religious reform, which Church did not come out?17.Martin Luther wrote a book called the bondage of will to challenge the doctrine of freedomWho taught it?a) Dr.18.Which of the following is not the convergence point of reform?19.
The letter "letter" represents the purpose of the reform of faith?20.Which version of the Bible did religious reform produce?21.What Bible has been published that brings people back to the authority of the Catholic Church, away from religious reform?22.
Which book Martin Luther calls the Bible the correct strouy Epistle, meaning that he does not think it belongs to the Bible?
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