Obstacle Course Games - obstacle course

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-03-03
Obstacle Course Games  -  obstacle course
Family Picnic on the card?
Add extra fun through some obstacle course games.
These games are simple and can be played by every family member.
Adjust the rules or make your own rules, but don't forget to have fun!
Family picnics can be boring sometimes.
In addition to eating a heavy picnic basket, nothing can be done,xa0Trying to explain to uncle what happened in your career, playing charades, except simply limitedxa0Yours. xa0Music Playerxa0Or a book, waiting for the end of the day.
Do you know what this spell is? B. o. r. i. n. g!
When you can add extra vitality to the day, why limit the day to a dull day?
What are you going to do?
Of course, by playing some obstacle games.
Are these not just for kids, you ask? Myth.
If there is nothing to lose, why not go on a picnic and succeed?
There are some games here that you can play during the picnic and have a good time.
There are several activities in the production barrier course.
Here are examples of these obstacle course ideas that you can study.
Here are some examples of games you can use to design your own obstacle course.
Obstacle course games are great for kids and adults-
Their energy levels will soar, children will be active and adults will enjoy life.
In addition, people can improve the difficulty of games and rounds at any time according to the age group of games.
Everyone has played the game and knows how it works.
It takes a lot of concentration to carry eggs without dropping them.
Now add obstacles to it and see how hard it is.
Since the difficulty is already high, all you can do is add some bricks on a regular basis (because you don't want to hurt the child, so the distance is great) to let them walk.
They have to go from point to point as they go through the bricks.
Introducing aerobic exercise in this device is one of the easiest ways to set up an obstacle course.
Think about all the cardio you can bring into this scene.
For example, children (or adults) have to start with 5 jump jacks and then run up and pick up a basketball and try to shoot it into the basket before doing a 50 count of skipping.
The interesting thing about this obstacle course is that you can add as many obstacles as you want and determine the repeat rounds.
Use the surface of the Earth to lay obstacle routes for this outdoor game.
One way to set up a hula hoop run is: place 5-
6 Hula Hoops (you have to jog through it), 2-
3 chairs (you have to crawl under the chairs), and if you have one (you have to swing on it), tie a strong rope to the tree, place a garbage bag (jump in and run) and walk through a thin wall without slipping. For example -
Swinging from the rope can swing back and forth 5 times.
Pocket through the ladder.
Jump from one side to the other.
Draw in the jumping house, do a round.
You can complete the course as a team, by a selected member, or you can play the game alone.
In both cases, the course needs to be timed.
The best time man won this outdoor family game.
Do you think it's fun to play these games alone?
Try it with your partner and see how interesting and difficult it is.
The activities you have to use in this obstacle course must be designed like this.
Use skipping rope, one of them use a swing, and then the two of them have to jump together.
There is a designated 10-20 jumps.
If they haven't finished, they can't continue.
When one partner starts at the starting line, the other partner must put the newspaper at his feet.
The other one can only step on the newspaper.
The duo who first crossed the finish line won.
This game can be played at the same time as all the teams and is a great indoor barrier option.
Tie the left foot of one of them to the right foot of the other and hand them a bag to jump over.
Increase the difficulty by placing a hula hoop jump between the two.
There you can choose some of the most interesting obstacle course games.
So try them and have fun!
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