obstacle course Game Ideas for a Survivor Party

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-28

Since 2000, the "Survivor" reality show has attracted audiences with its tough challenges, isolated locations and dynamic relationships between contestants.The reality show has many loyal fans and has become a hot theme for the party.Whether the guest is a child or an adult, "survivor" provides inspiration for several fun party games.Obstacle classes are common games on actual "Survivor" shows and are easy to set up ---Both indoors and outdoors.Small obstacles for children-Such as pillow jump, box climb, sawhorses climb down or children's pool pass--work well.For adults, you will want to choose a bigger obstacle so that players can pass the obstacle more easily.The same type of project works on a larger scale.For example, a large home appliance box can be used as a tunnel for adults.The puzzle also plays a key role in many "Survivor" challenges.For this party game, either make your own puzzle with cardboard or use a commercial one.Hide each team's jigsaw puzzle in an area of the yard or party venue.Hiding shards in the sandbox is a suitable option for the theme.One at a time, members from the team run to the sandbox, find a puzzle and return it to the starting line.When all the puzzles are found, the team must assemble their puzzles.The "Survivor" theme is perfect for eating competitions.There are simple things you can do, like a bug race to eat gum, or add a rough element to it.The second option is to choose foods that most people consider unpleasant, such as sardines or Brussels sprouts.You can also make some weird combinations like ice cream and pickles.Participants must complete the project in order to get points for the round.Before the party, hide an exempt idol somewhere in the party venue.Create a series of clues to find it, as the real "Survivor" show does to the contestants.Your party guests use clues to find the idol's location.The person who first found it won the special prize.You can also hide a few idols and distribute multiple prizes if you want.Divide the guests of the party into groups.Each team must come up with a team name and design a team logo.The poster board designed for the team flag works well.Paint and other craft supplies are provided and the team can decorate the flag creatively.Appoint a judge who does not participate in the competition to select the most creative team banner and name.
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