My Wife Has Lost Her Desire for Sex and Intimacy: A Story for Men - blow up shelter

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-18
My Wife Has Lost Her Desire for Sex and Intimacy: A Story for Men  -  blow up shelter
They met in high school and started dating.In some cases, in the university.They got married after graduation.She works in a lower place.In a way, she likes to teach, but it's not all about her.He's in some kind of middle state.The potential of a great career is clearly visible to him.
Of course, he has his hobbies, things he does with his friends, golf, motorcycles, fishing, racing, etc.Along the way, the children came along with the corresponding big cars, houses, etc.In the morning, when he went to work, the man kissed his wife goodbye, and when he came home, he hugged her and told her that he loved her deeply.
Occasionally, the wife complains to her husband that she feels like her and that the children are uncomfortable with his work and hobbies.And, for a while, he will cut back enough as usual to let the storm break out, and then he will return to life.Also, the man knows that he loves his wife and children, so he doesn't think the wife's concerns are justified.
And, thanks to all his work and hobbies, it is difficult for the man to find enough time to devote any significant time to his marital relationship.The wife was very upset.She went through a difficult emotional period for no reason.But they talked and the wife told the husband that although it was easy for her to admit that he was a good husband and father, she did not feel that she was his priority.
Not only that, she also told him that she understood how important his career was and how important it was to continue climbing the ladder of success.Since his wife himself admits that the man is a good husband and father, he just continues to live because he knows about work and hobbies, work and hobbies.Then, five years, sometimes ten years, usually fifteen or twenty years later, the woman surprised her husband with the news that she no longer loved him and she wanted to quit her marriage.
Usually at that time, the husband will always be awakened by the fact that he has always been a priority for his wife, but she is not his priority, she lived together as long as she could in her lonely life, and now she doesn't even want to let alone succeed in marriage.The husband foolishly mistakenly thinks that his wife will love him forever without any maintenance or effort on him because he likes to do his own thing.For too long, when the wife tries to make sure the husband gets what he wants, she puts herself aside.
For too long, the wife has supported the man's happiness and success.On the other hand, for the happiness and success of the wife, the man rarely or even did not support her.Over the years, the wife occasionally tries to engage in something she is interested in, and she will quickly fall into the dark clouds of men's unhappiness because she has to look after her children or sacrifice her own interests and needs, she will once again put aside her needs and interests.
Now that she has reached a point where she is emotionally closed, the relationship cannot be fixed except for a divine miracle.The truth is that the wife and man and his selfishness are over.Ironically, the man now realizes that he is losing her and wants nothing but his wife.
Now the husband wants his wife to communicate with her.Now he wants her to talk about her needs and interests.She's not interested now.Why is she doing this?Over the years before that, he was not interested in really listening and paying attention to her emotions, desires and needs!He is only interested in listening, as long as it is long enough to shut her up and overcome her emotional mantra (or her emotional weaknesses, as he really feels ), let him stay alone so that he can continue to do his own thing.
Why should she now believe that he cares about her feelings, desires and needs?Why should she now believe that he will make a permanent change? She was one of the priorities in his life?After all, his mode of operation of the whole marriage is a comprehensive understanding of her feelings, desires and needs.So why should she put herself in a weak position?Why did she go back to the situation where her feelings were crushed again?After all, his attitude is always one of them.She will overcome it.It is her uncaring feelings, desires and needs that have led to all these storms that continue to erupt in the years.
every time, after the clouds have dispersed, he is his unchanging old self.Every time this happens, the man unconsciously twists an invisible dagger deeper and deeper into the woman's heart, which makes her feel more than before.Until the end, because it involves the man, her heart is dead.
She's a cool egg.
Her love is gone and her heart is gone.
There is no desire in her heart to try again.She is not interested in living with a child in a man's body, the child gets all the toys and enjoys all the fun while she is lonely, unhappy and unfulfilling.In fact, when she assumed it, she had zero tolerance for spending another hour alone.
to-be-The husband goes out and makes the boss happy or does the weekend with his friends.Feelings, intimacy and sex are becoming less frequent.In the early days of their marriage, it was common for a man to hold her or touch her hair or kiss her, or even start having sex, and she always responded and paid off.
But he still does these things over time, but she slowly stops responding and going back and forth.Unfortunately, as her needs continue to be ignored and unsatisfied, he begins to take the road and turn to comfort and enjoyment in work, career, friends and hobbies.Sadly, when they are talking now, through a lawyer.
How about your marriage?My hope is that things are not that far for you.My hope is that you still have a chance to make things better in your marriage.Copyright 2008 by NymphomaniacWife of karazoro.
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