More on the Kohanim DNA Question - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-10
More on the Kohanim DNA Question  -  see-saw
Here is a recent press release from the man that provides Kohanim DNAMichael Hammer.As I mentioned in my previous post, there is one nowSeeing that the fighting between different and different groups of Kohanim is going on fiercely, claiming that they are true descendants of Aaron and that others lack the better word "fake ".\ 'I want to restore the sanity of this argument because, as I have pointed out, they are either wrong or right.
I think both possibilities are correct in this regard.Wrong and right at the same time.But first, let's see the doctor.Hamer has to say the dilemma he caused in his research.Michael F.Bloodlines from more than one source.Instead of a single male lineage dating back to the ancient Hebrew era.
The new study is based on a decade.
Cohanim descent living in the near east about 3,200 years ago.Current research by Michael F.Biotechnology at the University of Arizona.The study included Karl Skorecki from Technion.
Academy of Sciences.
Of the Jewish priests.
Pattern single size.
Pattern single size.
Jewish priest.
"He claims to have ancient Hebrew origin," said Hammer .".Priests of the ancient Hebrew era.non-Ashkenazi Jewish community, hardly in AfricaIn the east.Established by several unrelated men.Human variation and testing models of human origin.
with state-of-the-Art facilities required for leadershipResearch in biology, chemistry and engineering.providing high-The application of this equipment and other modern analytical methods.Problems, creating knowledge for the future.
Multi-disciplinary cooperationCross-science and research for nearly 30 years.Thankyou Dr.What does all this mean?--xa0For those who insist on the absolute literal faith of the Old Testament, the meaning of the Torah is actually broken.1.Only 30% of all legit who claim to be Kohanim belong to a common ancestor.
This is down from the previous 50%.
Among the 70% people who are not from the same genetic ancestor, they have a common connection, and there are legitimate claims that they are descended from the single ancestor of the Kohan, just not the same as the first group.3.There is genetic evidence that Aaron is not the only one who was the ancestor of Kohanim.--xa0There are other people in the position, so their genetic route is legal, but the number is small.
Statements in biology are either inaccurate, incomplete, or misunderstood.5.We have to rethink the biblical relationship between Moses, Aaron, and korachem.As I mentioned, the use of DNA to identify Kohanim, although some may think it is a good idea, will eventually become a disaster when it is finally understood.
But there was only one disaster, and it believed that the Torah was immutable and that each word was literally meant and therefore not bound by the personal interpretation suggested by Anan ben David.This is a very different concept from the interpretation of the rabbi by the Talmud, in which it is easy for them to completely change the meaning of the original intention in order to accommodate their purposes.Anan is talking about something simpler.The implied nuances of words still do not have a slightly dull meaning that deviates sharply from the intention.
I made such a case in my article http:/hub propose the exodus of the possibility of the second line of Kohanim;They are descendants of Moses.Of course, J1e Kohanim's argument is that there may be no difference in the Y-fold group between the two brothers, but that raises the question, that is, halfbrothers, step-Brothers and the likeFor there is no place in the Torah to insist that Moses and Aaron are complete brothers.
The fact that the number 3:1 is edited.
Descendants of Aaron and Moses.
..The other Levites, and how they hosted the wedding under Aaron's son.present.\ "This in itself should immediately alert that the other lineage of the priest was completely ignored.But it is not surprising, for in Exodus 2:1 it tells us that there was a man of the tribe of Levi who took a wife from the tribe of Levi.
Obviously, marriage between the Levites is already a recognized policy as they maintain a unique pool of genes.Well, the genetic aging that goes back to any single body type of Aaron should be far beyond his time frame, but in fact, if these purity marriage rules already exist, then it's closer to the place where the patriarch Li Wei is about 1750 BCE.Another problem with our first chapter is that there is no Aaron.
The comment is that the couple has a son, not a second, etc;Just a sister who can escape the killing of her new son.Some would argue that he is already a young child, but that the time to kill Israeli children is not a day, nor a month, but a few years, as they have been burdened for many years;No, Aaron did not escape the massacre, he was just not there.--xa0Of course, some would argue that such negligence was corrected at 6: 20 of exodus, but there was a problem with the liquidity of this chapter.
--xa0In context, it flows only when one jumps directly from 6: 13 to 6: 27.--xa0The sentence in the middle seems to have been taken from somewhere else and inserted into the body of the text.As if it were necessary for them to explain the comments of Exodus 4: 14, God did not tell Moses, but instead advised Moses to regard Aaron the Levite as his brother.
--xa0Have to remind Moses how strange Aaron is to be a Levite, especially if they have the same parents and are real brothers, but if this is a brotherhood in tribal relations, then, it will be a completely different question, and Moses must be told the bond of existence.--xa0If we ignore the presentation of Amram and Jochebed in Exodus 6: 20, but look at Exodus 15: 20, there is a connection between Miriam and Aaron,--xa0But the debate about the actual kinship can last forever, because what "brother" actually means, but if we really want to understand that the senior clergy did not start with Exodus, it was Moses and Aaron before the date, and then all we need to do is look at Exodus 19: 24 and see that they are in place before they receive the Ten Commandments, for God instructed Moses not to let the priest and him.The division of the rank of the priest of Aaron did not appear until Chapter 28, and then it became clear that the assigned position was either Cohanim Gado or the director of the great sacrifice.
--xa0That being the case, then it is entirely logical for us to have Kohans of different genetic triples.--xa0Some will come from Aaron, and some will come from the kolashi, and even some will come from Moses.So this questionThe hammer is not asking if a person is really Kohan as some of my Kohanim brothers want to joke about, but accepting that all the different monotype is Kohanim, but the real question is "yes, but from which ancestor?\"xa0If we apply geometric analysis to equations, then it would say that a population with a higher incidence represents the extent of a larger population spread compared to a population with a lower incidence.
--xa0In this case, the answer becomes much easier
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