Mom’s See-Saw - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-29
Mom’s See-Saw  -  see-saw
Have you ever seen two children riding a bicycle?saw?Depending on who is watching on both sides can be very interesting.For example, if there is a Big Ten-year-old child on the side of the sightOn the other side is a saw and a five-year-old boy who will sit on the ground and complain about how boring he is because of watchingThe saw could not be lifted.The five-year-old may panic from extreme elevators or wonder when and how she will get off again.
Now, imagine two seven-year-olds.
You can see them giggling happily, enjoying riding and enjoying the experience.They are doing the right thing for them and they are able to balance the visionBecause their weight is evenly distributed, they find happiness in their experiences.The point is, when you see-Saw is out of balance and it will not work properly and there is no fun if it does not work.
Look at your life the same waysaw example.On the one hand, put your work, your responsibility, your commitment, your project, your tasks, your obligations and the pressure you feel from it on the other side --saw.At this point you will seeThe saw side is heavy and far from balanced.
What's interesting, though, is how many moms live their lives.See the weight on one side-The saw is completely out of proportion to the weight on the other side.Just as children with uneven matching are not happy with this imbalance, so are most moms.
But while children who don't match will find a solution soonSeeing more fun, most moms think there is no other option and keep their view --Saw is exactly the same.This approach makes things very unbalanced and doesn't work at all.Come back to your sight nowSee and imagine what it takes to get it balanced.
First of all, add some rest time, enjoy with music, take a bath, read a book, write a diary, meditate, imagine or try to practice with a deep breath.Maybe the see-See a little change.Pursue interest and laugh with your friends.See the see-Did the saw start lifting?Find time to get my nails fixed, get an expired haircut, buy a new dress or a great pair of shoes which makes me a little enjoying.
The see-The saw is falling off, much more balanced than before.Every time you implement something pleasant on your visionSeeing it helps balance your life.Happy activities that make seeing-When the daily stress you encounter is heavy, I see the liftsaw down.
The idea is to make you understand.
Balance most of the time.
It is OK if it swings because life has not been fully balanced.In your day you will seeDepending on what you are doing, how you feel and think, saw will be heavier on both sides.The key, however, is to find enough activity to lighten the heavy side soThe Saw will work, find its balance and give you a pleasant journey.
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