Modi vs Rest- What Does 2019 Look Like? - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-12
Modi vs Rest- What Does 2019 Look Like?  -  see-saw
The dramatic events of the Karnataka election surprised everyone.In the process of government formation, many things have happened in the challenge of power, and it can almost be seen --Similar competitions have been held since May 15.However, the Karnataka elections are considered to be one of the most exciting elections in the long run, opening up the possibility for the future to be more specifically 2019.
Will the opposition unite to defeat Modi?Shah?According to an article published by Quint, "in the political context of India's polarization, this is an important statement of intent.From a national point of view, India's politics has become everything to be with and against Modi.Mathematically speaking, the fight was fought between 31% of Indians who voted for Modi on 2014 and 69% who did not vote for Modi.
To put it simply, the plan is to seize 69%.No matter what we say, Modi seems invincible.The Shah combo, but Karnataka also shows how Congress can get an absolute majority in its own way.
At present, it is in power only in Punjab and a strange North independenteast state.However, this situation also makes it clear that regional political parties will be bolder in the upcoming elections, so the possibility of a coalition government is being reflected in all aspects.Moreover, all the opposition parties are not united at the moment, and there is a daunting task ahead of Congress to play the role of a main coalition --maker.
The media has published its analysis, which now seems to be the case, but will the winds of change sweep across India, which is probably one of the most exciting elections?Only time to knowAll we can do before that is to keep our key shots and continue to decide who we will vote.For all updates on politics, news analysis, latest news, breaking news, etc, please follow Quint--Important thing for your one-stop solution
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