meltdown The YouTube Meltdown - Warning

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-10
meltdown The YouTube Meltdown - Warning
Yesterday, Google's first report that began suspending a large number of YouTube accounts surfaced.There is no sign of these bans.In typical Google fashion, there is no broad explanation for what happened or why.Letters from YouTube show a breach of the terms of service.
Included in the suspension of quality (6 months) is the famous probloger.His account was suspended yesterday and resumed today after mass protests.Why Google suspended him deserves attention.
..His account -With many othersBecause a video is suspended for making money as the main keyword.As we all know, making money is a dangerous signal for Google.It doesn't matter what the content is;Apparently it's just the key word that got him suspended.
Another video of his suspended account is about SEO tips.What we know so far is that Google has expressed its desire to clean up YouTube, and it looks like it uses the same standards as those used in AdWords.The subjects of evil are as follows: 1.Make money2.Google Search Engine Optimization System 3Exaggerated health statement 4.
MLM/network marketing 5.
Stolen content 6.
Video without content.
Talk article for link only my main Google spy will talk to the high mud guys inside Google today to find out what's going on, but YouTube's restructuring seems to happen to us soon.Please note that don't be a victim of the latest Google/YouTube cleaning update.I will reply when I get more information
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