meltdown obstacle course How Does Fitness Help My Child With Autism?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-03
meltdown obstacle course How Does Fitness Help My Child With Autism?
I 've been trying to get my kids involved in an extra autism for the last four yearsThe results of the course activities are not satisfactory.At the age of four, even before the diagnosis of autism, I knew that he had a lot of energy to consume.His sister is in karate and I feel it makes sense to get him started in the youngest group.
I think it will teach him to focus and give him some way out of the energy.HA!Nice try, Mom.He was kicked out two minutes before the first class and even asked him never to come back as an old sister bystander.OY!Since then, we have tried some simple exercises, scouts, and even cooking classes (an energetic autistic child with sharp objects .
..... What am I thinking?!?!).
Sometimes problems.
I'm always tolerant of why we can't get involved in the same thing as some of his nervous system typical friends (and excuses ).But now he is 8 years old and can't ride a bike yet.We will try piano lessons (which is his talent) but it still won't solve any of the above.
in gym class?” Not really.
In fact, due to budget cuts and increased focus on exam scores, many schools have even cut physical education from the curriculum!(As I 've experienced) it's hard to get involved when you can't master basic, basic actions or stay on a task long enough to understand what to do.Using my autism research and fitness background and guidance from Eric Chesson (Autism fitness), I adapted and developed a fun and effective way to help my childTerminology skills in fitness and sports..Self-Respect and confidence.He thought he was successful in the sports and lessons we set up, which made him want to try new things.
He knew the place was not safe.
His balance and posture have improved a lot since we started.He used to actually lean on one side and couldn't even stand 1 feet!Look at him now!Sensory issues.Moving provides a wonderful sensory break from overload or crash.
The best part?Most can be done in a small space with his weight!Attending.When asked to do something, he can now focus longer, including waiting for his turn!My motto is progress, not perfection.Goal setting.He finally understood the process of not being able to accomplish something and how practice leads to mastery of skills.
This is huge!Independence.
He is now proud of us building our own mini-obstacle course together.He can even create an attempt for his peers!Overall health and fitness level.Even if you can do a little bit!Go to fitness for autism 4.
Learn how to help your child succeed!!.
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