Mediterranean Fan Palm - inflatable palm tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-10
Mediterranean Fan Palm  -  inflatable palm tree
The Mediterranean fan palm is dry-
The variety of palms is tolerant and tenacious.
Read Next and learn more about this magical Bush.
It is the name of the Mediterranean fan palm.
It is also known as the European fan palm.
This small green palm is very attractive and has gained great popularity due to its amazing features.
The gardener chose this to add a tropical torch to their landscape.
Family, having large feather-like leaves symmetrically on its non-branching trunk.
It is a shrub that grows many stems from a single base.
These palms naturally appear mainly in areas like hyres les palmiers, the Mediterranean coast and the island of Capraia.
These trees grow to a height of 15 inch in the form of lumps.
The leaves are triangular.
Shape \ ', 24 inch wide.
The color of the leaves ranges from blue, gray, green to yellow.
As the plant matures, the main trunk is surrounded by multiple trunks.
They are growing very slowly.
Through proper care and feeding, it grows by about 6 inch per year.
These tenacious trees appear all over the Mediterranean mountains, about 3,000 feet above sea level.
The height of this palm is 8-
18 feet, the spread is 6-10 feet.
Moderate density, fine texture.
Some general information about this Palm is given further.
In addition to these things, the tree grows well in the condition of partial shade and partial sunlight.
The soil needed to cultivate these trees can be alkaline or acidic or clay or sand.
Plants should grow in a gap of 36-
60 inch, so that they will not hinder each other's growth.
The fruit is round and brown, covered hard and dry.
This plant has a high drought resistance and can be grown even in dry and hot desert areas.
As we already know, the tree needs to be completely or partially exposed to the sun.
Water supply should be given frequently in summer and less in winter.
The root ball should not be dry, but also make sure it is not filled with excess water.
The soil should be well drained and fertile.
Replant the tree after the gap of 2-3 years.
Palm should apply fertilizer on a regular basis during growth, while no fertilizer is needed in winter.
Trimming this Palm is necessary to keep it fresh and attractive.
To make it look like a beautiful specimen plant, leaves should be trimmed to clear the trunk.
Remove Brown and worn leaves from the bottom.
If you want to see images of these trees, you can find an idea on the Internet.
You can even get the information to buy them from a nursery in a local garden store or from the Internet.
European fans are popular for their cold and drought-resistant qualities.
They look great when they grow under higher palm trees or live oak trees.
First of all, containers and urns are best suited for planting these palm trees.
If this is what you want, they can bring a tropical touch to your landscape.
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