mechanical bull What's on your life list?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-10
"Life is either a bold adventure or nothing.So far in my journalism career, I 've been lucky to meet fascinating, inspiring, bold people every day who tell me about their lives and passions.I wore a bee suit with the local beekeepers, followed the politicians along the path to the office and through the muck of the donkey farm.
Encounters like this encourage me to further discover my talents and goals, not just to write about the talents and goals of others.www.43things..This concept is similar to the "life list" of adventurer John Goddard ".\ "At the age of 15, Goddard listed 127 goals he wanted to experience or achieve in his life, including climbing the highest mountain range in the world, driving the fastest plane in the world and running a mile in five minutes, read the entire encyclopedia of Great Britain.
On sites like 43 Things, people can create lists of goals they want to achieve.This could be just a goal, "no soda for a year", or a full list of 43 wishes.Users of the site can browse through what others are trying to achieve or have the opportunity to create their own goals.
Sublime: travel around the world on my own yacht, win a Grammy Award and become president of the United StatesS.Entertainment: play in the polka band, sing karaoke, skydiving, learn the break dance, "the price is right!Ridiculous: hypnotize a chicken.On 43 Things, website users can track their progress on a specific goal as they like, and once the goal is achieved, they can mark whether the goal is "worth it" or "not worth it ".
\ "Targets can be added, modified, or deleted at any time.Users also have the opportunity to cheer for other users to pursue their goals.In South America, decorate the cake and make a good aunt.
I want you to take the time in your life to think, write it down, and pursue your ambitions.Tell me, what's on your list?
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