mechanical bull riding Palm Springs West Fest and Rodeo

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-24
mechanical bull riding Palm Springs West Fest and Rodeo
Cowboys, girls, horses and country music fill the desert and have an unforgettable weekend, which proves that there are more experiences in the desert besides golf and tennis.Palm Springs and the desert community used to be a haven for Cowboys, with rodeo and cycling routes every year.This week -Back to the long events of those beautiful ol \ 'days.
It includes a professional rodeo competition, which includes turning to wrestling, forming teams, and drawing.In the timing competition, in the fierce Stock competition, the roll-down and barrel competition were held, and the Crown-free riding, saddle mustang riding and bull riding were also carried out.In addition to rodeo activities, there are 6,000 square feet high.
Suppliers who provide food, clothing and other Western-themed goods end the Western-themed retail store.In these three days, there are free live music in different countries, cowboys, Indians, Mexico and Latin music styles.For children, there are a variety of carnival rides, as well as pet zoos, pony rides and mechanical riding cattle, challenging older young people while bringing smiles to young people.
There are many other special performances and events, such as the after-game rodeo party at margar Tower restaurant every night.Most importantly, there will be a lovely lady who will be named Frank Bogart of Palm Springs in honor of the Queen of Rodeo, and the court of a Queen, the court will be drawn from many contestants from the surrounding area.Annual event in 10-Located next to Palm Springs Convention Center, the acres are named after Palm Springs's iconic Cowboys, and Renaissance people and Mayor Frank Bogart helped the city become a "cowboy Mecca" in 1930 and 1940s ".
In addition to regular admission, there is a VIP tent that includes not only the preferred seats, but also a range of delicious food, wine and other drinks.The event usually attracts 12 000 to 15,000 viewers in a week.long event
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