mechanical bull for sale Motorsports - A New Era in Formula One

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-28
mechanical bull for sale Motorsports - A New Era in Formula One
The first game of the season did not start until the third, but with the implementation of the new rules, which is to reduce the operating costs of the team, Honda recently decided to sell the team because of the widespread problems in the global economy, it is estimated that the team will save a lot of money.These rules were agreed during the meeting of the president of the International Automobile Federation, Max Mosley and his teammates, representives, on December 2008.The first time I talked about these changes, I didn't notice what they were.
But after seeing all the cars this season, I went through the internet and looked for these new rules.I also noticed that some of the matches were canceled and others were included.Therefore, here are the changes that the audience will notice after the start of March 27 --Although there are still 17 races on the course, the Grand Prix between Canada and France has been canceled.
The new venue is Abu Dhabi.
-Indian forces will use Mercedes-Benz engines on their cars this season.The team used the Ferrari engine before.But they signed a technical cooperation agreement with McLaren Mercedes.-Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren's chief operating officer, took over from Ron Dennis ASTOP guy.
Even before Dennis decided to leave McLaren to host other projects at McLaren Group, the two have been working together.Dennis will still watch the game, but not as often as before.-Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari driver who won the race in Monza, has changed the team and joined the Red Bull race to replace David Kurt, who is now retired.
-The biggest change that organizers are implementing is to remove all regional dynamic features of the car body and wings.The wider the front wing of the car, the narrower the rear wing.The aim is to give the driver more opportunities to surpass in the race by increasing the mechanical grip while reducing the lower pressure generated by the leading car aerodynamics.
-Smooth tires make a comeback with the replacement of groove tires.-Cars this season have the option to use KERS or kinetic energy recovery systems.What the KERS unit does is to store the kinetic energy generated by the heat emitted during the braking process and store it.
The driver can then tap the switch to use the stored energy to provide additional power to the car.Although the rules limit the maximum 80 horsepower release of 7 seconds per lap.It should not increase rpm, rpm is 18,000, but it may provide additional power to the driver when trying to pass the driver or defend its position.
-Other rule changes include a ban on testing during the season.All in-The season test will take place during Friday's open practice on the weekend of the match day.-Riders must use the same engine for three consecutive race weekends, each with eight in one team.
To improve the durability of the engine, the speed limit is reduced from the previous 18,000 to 19,000.With these changes, each driver is in a level playing field and their champion hopes are pinned on the fact that all teams have to adjust and adapt quickly to these new rules
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