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America celebrates excellence in many ways...This is a great one!!Only in the United States of America can you find such a diverse and excellent way to celebrate!!Wherever you see it, you will see patriotic reminders that we support and how grateful we are.Read the center and enjoy its many exciting photos and such a wealth of information.
Looking forward to Thursday-August 8, 2013!!Let's thank you for your service to our country!Ventura County market Date: August 5-8 -august 15!Anyone living or visiting the Los Angeles or Ventura County area needs to find a way to get themselves and loved ones to the county fair this year!I say this because I did drag a very tired husband and two very reluctant teenagers to the fair today and experience the most wonderful metamorphosis a family can ever experience!Fresh sea breeze and five music stages, many exciting rides and game stalls and a wide variety of food and snacks make the kids refreshed!My husband saw a favorite entertainer, drank a few cups of "cervezas" (beer) and "nose-to-nose" with some extraordinary stallion ".The mood of this "late summer" is very obvious --"Boring family" is not only promoted to great enthusiasm, but also a process of cells --Phone text messages between all family members brought us together at several attractions!"Mom, you have to look at this...Dear, see us at the photo exhibition, "Dad, have you tasted Itallian Gelato, it was made live!"It was a planned event, designed with a focus on detail and excellence.
There are all kinds of blue belt competitions, but I said that the committee that holds this event every year should get the biggest and best blue belt of the year!Given the convenience of transportation, there are plenty of parking spaces everywhere if you drive, as the whole town has adapted to this year's tradition, plus the "get off" point is also close to the front entrance of the playground.The metro service station is just across from the main pedestrian entrance of Port Avenue.At the entrance, you can rent a large plastic van for $8 to pull the kids.
to $13.
A whole day!They also rented wheelchairs for people who had difficulty walking at a low price, and even rented electric chairs for $45.A whole day!Bathroom facilities are ready and kept clean all the time, there are a lot of necessary facilities in all the restrooms.Ventura's Pacific air is clean and fresh, and the weather in August is almost always mild during the day and at night.
I can't decide when I prefer the fair, you can see the ocean, the mountains and the beautiful sky scenery during the day, but in the evening, the beautiful carnival lights sparkled, illuminate the night sky like the fireworks of July 4!Later in the center will be a summary of the entertainment lineup, all well-known and many world-renowned entertainers in the country!There is also a section describing food and snacks from donuts to fudge, from grill-made in front of youA variety of grilled sweet corn barbecues....Food for all cultures, well, I can't think of anything that I don't have!There are many special values, such as the special day of admission for $1.00 people per person, free return the next day, special day for military personnel, free admission!All entertainment is free, where else can you see David Cook, winner of American Idol, Hugh Lewis, 80-year-old rock band and news, Rick Springfield, same place as western country music artist Gretchen Wilson.
Some are free for $5.
00 or less!!Miller Lite sponsors the track and stand of a racing race with a variety of antiques such as grandfather clock and a wonderful antique horse and carriage race.At the end of the competition and awarding the ribbon, I was impressed that the horse and the stroller would mix up with the audience, pose for pictures and talk to everyone.There is a museum, a youth exhibition, bungee jumping, 500-700 livestock warehouses, livestock competitions of all sizes and sizes.
The Morgan show arena and Pepsi have sponsored the community stage for outstanding local talent.Corn hot dogs are made of hot beef.Dog, the size you have never seen before!Marshmallow is split into bags that can be recycled as a bin liner, with waffle ice cream cone over 1 feet m and a half high, I 've seen three people share one!(See the picture below!I can go on, but you have to take a look in person, the carnival game is lively, very top notch, the prizes are valuable, well made and big in size, there is no oil spill in this area!What is exciting is that there are people everywhere carrying huge stuffed animals on their shoulders....I also personally observed several game booths and distributed free plush toys to young players who have tried the game but have not won.
There are plenty of opportunities to learn about charities and public services that provide care and sponsorship at Ventura County Fair, such as Lions Clubs...More than 26 years of Ventura tradition!They provide assistance to people in need, such as vision, hearing, and keep children away from drugs and the streets.Come to the fair where you are ready to enjoy quality food, take a ride on a large carnival rides, enjoy games and competitive activities, but most importantly, the supplier.
..oh the vendors!You will not expect to find high-quality crafts and shopping opportunities in the tent of the fair.There is no doubt that you can see that these suppliers have been well screened and manually operatedPick before the fair allows for sale.You can find what you can't find in most other places, from elaborate grandfather clocks to fine jewelry, to unusual custom lighting and the most colorful glassware in all descriptionsFor vacationers and travelers, there are also many hotels, motels and summer rentals to walk or bike to the playground.
I spoke to Crystal Bentle, sales manager at Marriott Hotel and Resort "Ventura Beach Marriott" and the price was comparable to the rest of the neighborhood, and there didn't seem to be any price fraud due to this grand event.For more detailed information and interviews, please read on...Ventura County amusement park is very close to the hotel and the motel, and it is very convenient to spend a few days, as well as fast food or top restaurants and everything between them.
Have a drink on the restaurant terrace overlooking the beach at sunset, the perfect ending for the perfect day at the county fair!...East Thompson Avenue Ventura0.4 miles0.Best Western Plus Ventura hotel...All military personnel: bring your valid military ID card to Ventura County Fair on Thursday, August 13 and you will get free admission.Everyone will think of this as an extra special bonus if you all wear uniforms and don't need to be rough, but thank you so much!Our country appreciates and loves our soldiers and we thank you for all you have done.
God bless America!Is there really a lot to keep the children busy?The first order of the day, a beautiful cold "Slushee", picks its own taste and makes colorful parfait...it\'s all good!You may think that climbing a cliff or face painting is typical in most children's activities, but even in the most relaxed atmosphere, the children need the ceremony of "Arrival.Sitting in the car driving, holding back expectations, some people are better at holding back than others, I will give you this, consuming energy, focusing and focusing will keep the children in line with the plan for the day.
The facial drawing ceremony reflects the personality of each child and announces "I am here" or "I am there "!Riding a mechanical bull requires coordination and strength, and these kids learn and get better every time they climb back!Thankfully, the floor is made of very soft padding and mattresslike!The clips in this Hub (article) have photos that can be zoomed in.Introduction -Main attractions!Military welcome!Is there really a lot to keep the children busy?(Ha Ha Ha -Really!!!Horses, races and awards!(Antiques!too!Exquisite vendors and their shops...."I have never seen these before....More unique suppliers....Unusual food, typical food and more!!!Carnival rides, games and big, big, grand prizes!!!WOW!\"OMG!There are animals in the County market.
..A variety of animals of all sizes.
..Lots of lovely photos!Children go with animals!Music....Live Bands!Keep scrolling down the picture until you see the goodbye sign, a long hub!Please add your comment at the end?Http:/hub pages.Suppliers at Ventura County Fair are quality sources of items that are unusual or difficult to find.
It was a great weekend and my family enjoyed everything the fair had to offer but they still wanted to come back two.There was some food I did not taste and I was unable to continue riding a few times due to fear of damaging my camera;So we will probably be back!However, the main attraction for me personally will be shopping!Found and lovely gifts can be purchased for loved ones.I saw a lot of things I had to have in my antique cabinet, wow, I hope you can see Grandpa's clock, what a superb craft!I really enjoyed talking to a few vendors selling clothes.
I have a few interesting booths to share with you, and if you happen to be reading this before you attend the Ventura County Fair, you may decide to bring your checkbook, because there are beautiful and helpful purchases to buy!I just met Juliana Cross last night.I have to say that the name is perfect for her product.I'm posting photos in the tonigts \ 'section of this center, which is unfair to her unique glassware.
Her merchandise is on display at the booth inside the merchant tent, no one, I mean, no one can walk through her area without stopping to have a look or even covet these beautiful items.Colorful and unique hundred tableware, many unusual tableware sets, you will never find them in retail stores...Glass Miniatures, everything you can think!I am ready to start my own "glass Zoo ".
A better way to describe her collection is to blow-glass Art.With such a colorful design of large vases and other pieces of glass, you may want to put them on a single illuminated antique rack, which makes such a romantic statement.After watching these babies in person, you may want to contact her or the company.
Version Rwginfo.
Romantic Glass.
Lights imported from Morocco must be seen firsthand!The photos can't show complex and unique, so I suggest you look at them yourself and the lights are fascinating and not like anything we have in the US.You should have a look when you enjoy Ventura County Fair.Sahara treasures designed and created the original goat skin and nail flower lights to achieve luxurious Moroccan Red by using pomagranate juice dye.
Everything is made of natural products, and even goat skin is a by-product of goat meat production.Sahara treasures can be found on eBay, using Sahara treasures.COM or Karim 951/764-2583.This is an excerpt from the Karims website, which is currently under construction.
.."If travel is a paradise for loss, then the Kingdom of Morocco is large enough and mysterious enough to extend the time for exploration indefinitely.The effects of these conflicts hit the northwest corner of Africa.Adventure is waiting for you from the moment you arrive.
In simple deals, like buying safi pottery, there are unexpected drama, humor and competitive game tricks.It is not only the site of MoroccoSahara, Atlas mountains, ancient city, elegant Islamic monuments---It is also a daily lifestyle that hovers in various markets (open-air markets.A concert full of fragrance and scenes will haunt you;Pungent fragrance of the spice market;Handmade products are colorful, rich in olive oil and exquisite in craftsmanship.
Life, landscape and culture in Morocco are very diverse, but it turns out that the most fascinating thing is people.In any part of Morocco, there may be a turbulent and diverse ancestor lurking: crossing the Sahara to become a slave to Princess bines or fighters;Ancient Muslim and Jewish city Andalusian refugees from the southern city, as well as Bedouin Arabs from tribes fighting off the coast of North Africa.All of them were mixed up with the indigenous Berber, who had occupied the land since the Stone Age.
Fanatic energy, noisy animation and constant chatter on the streets initially threatened tourists.In Morocco, however, it is like Moroccan people.All it takes to deal with an ungovernment but addictive lifestyle is some kind of twisted but friendly sense of humor.
\"xa0--xa0--xa0Look at it yourself!Click below to view the hub pages featured author interview.Http:/hub pages.Com/Newsletter/Deborah-
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