mechanical bull Comedy And Funny Stories About Dancing: The Redneck Cowboy Meets The City Slicker

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-13
A story of a very important fact.I live in a township of about 10 people.11,000 people.I have decided not to be happy about it.Sounds good at first until I find out that I'm actually a West Coast girl born and raised in Southern California (yes, yes, that has its obvious drawbacks as well) but it can be said, i'm already near the block.I live in Detroit, I live in Chicago and I have lived in the Seattle area for 23 years.So move to a literal 1-Mazhen is the most exciting thing I have ever done, but I am trying.
I like the quiet environment.
I like the weather here.
I'm afraid I can live without it, but alas, it's a little late now.As they often say, it seems to be 20/20 afterwards.Needless to say, living in this town, there was a lot of action in our town on Friday night.
I think we have about 20 churches, probably at least half of the pubs and 20 beauty salons on any day.However, I have to add here that we can't get either Safeway or Fred Meyer....oh no!There are several of our biggest stores.
Supermarket and ceremony-Aid.
(Originally, as an aside ceremony-Aid is great for beer and wine prices!If you live here, you almost need to stock up on a regular basis.It all said that we had to go to a birthday party on a Friday night.âx80x99.To defend myself, I am a medical transcription officer.
For a whole week, I sat there listening to the doctor saying words in my ear.Think of making noise-friendly yee-At the end of the long week the bar really got me excited.Especially knowing that they have nothing but my least favorite karaoke!Oh, pink on me!I can't wait to get me a horse and let me ride a bike.
How to entertain or not for others for some people!Leave me with my own equipment, which is pretty slim for anyone by Friday night!smoking!garage.getting old.When I stand there and undress!Back to the bar.Cigarette smoke.Maybe, just maybe it will be okay.As invisible as possible, just incorporate into it.
the outing.
.A blanket, hide yourself in it, then sleep and wait for Bob.The bad thing is, I didn't think of this earlier!Where are you going to ask Bob?Pool table, which happens to be a free night.Suddenly I got married to him when I called Fats Domino.
I know there's some fat there ).
People drink more and more.
sing!He was not born yesterday.
What am I thinking?Same as K song classics.\".well at all!I have a bad feeling that we will hear-Decibels in the near future.What is a mild-You asked the old lady what she was doing in such a place?.
Hell if I know!Beer and try to have a conversation on top of the hustle and bustle!More than I thought back.were sayingâx80¦.Say I agree to let them stay with us!Say I agree with crazy monkey sex (an old lady can dream, can she?).Beer with kidsagain.It feels like a pig.Magic and I fell asleep almost at any time.
Dancing (I secretly thought I wanted a fake boot ).The husband and she will get drunk from scratch in 60 seconds.At least that's what I think she said!This is a gift when they are in a bad mood.
She is walking around.
I was on the floor myself.
Nod to her and move to the beat.
Still, the more her mood swings in the direction of being rude and rude.I'm easier to make a fool of myself than everyone else there?I actually tried to avoid-but hey -Thank you for asking!From the Cradle.own business.peace.Make yourself a wonder!On the bar stoolThere may be different results.
But Sam Yosemite!My friend's straight line.It's clothes!I heard my friend's big fat mouth say a decisive word.Oh, you're so cute, but I can't dance. do you understand?!Interestingly, I never heard these words coming out of my mouth!!!I mumbled a bunch of things about not wearing clothes.
I put on my tennis shoes because I cried loudly and I would stick to the floor and I'm not so good I don't know the steps I just had, I don't know any rules. you have to stay outside for 45 minutes after you finish eating?(I don't care at all if it's my desperate pool ).This guy is on the 10 th.Boots and faded blue jeans.Unfortunately, he also has a huge handlebar beard, he's missing a few teeth, and the most crooked legs I 've ever seen in my life, and I'm not lying to you.
He's wearing an 18 pound belt buckle that dazzles me (I know what I'm looking at there?He's just a gentleman.Dream Boat.Oh please God let him go away and dance with the others!It doesn't help him to look like he's seen a better day, or too much chewing, or something else. He may be 28 years old, just not well dressed!How does this happen to me?Mrs.
I keep a low profile with all the customers.I have two tough and fast rules-I don't dance with strangers anymore, I don't dance either, absolutely not because I need to correct these steps!It never works!A little dancing, maybe I can spin it a little bit and it looks stupid but won't be in trouble but anytime just have handsTake it, someone has to go this way, the other person has to go the other way, not the crash. Oh God, it's so ugly, so fast!I'm still talking to him and telling him I can't do it at all, I'm wearing a triple Coke and it doesn't work to get my glasses up at all?I should really bring a card that says I can authenticate.
Hey, maybe it will free me from the dance!Too bad, he didn't listen because now the decibel is back on his ear --Audrey kept pulling back and shaking her head.âx80¦.Then they start clapping together as if it would magically allow me to dance!Oh my God, what did I do worth it?I know it's too late to save myself.Whether it's done or dead, I guess it's time for me to ride out.
I think I would rather ride a mechanical bull at this moment, but none of them are in front of me.Continue to take the little lady's hand and take me to the middle of the floor.Oh, don't you know?The dance floor is empty now ~!!!Shame of humiliation.
.Here I'm stuck on the dance floor with the Buck bow!Then the music began. Will it be worse?I'm still not sure exactly how I followed this person.He moves more on the sour than the chicken and looks at his bow-The legs and feet zip back and forth, forward and back, and the serious thing is to start making me dizzy.
I can hardly keep my head upright.
In fact, I had that huge burger for dinner and had a few beers which didn't help my career.I have a 1000 pound tire on my stomach.Well, that's not bad enough, but now he's starting to be front and back and sideways --It feels like at the same time!And then what really shocked me was that he started with the spin ~!!!!Seriously, friend, even with Bob, I am not an agile dancer for any day.Once when we wanted to do the polka, I beat his foot and almost broke his ankle.
But at least with Bob, I can do half.
When I was dancing with others, I was so nervous because I was afraid of failure that I really became the curtain rod outside!Have you ever danced with a curtain rod?I have a great rhythm and of course can follow the beat, but the beat and rotation are two things that are completely different ~!All I can do is stick to my dear life and hope that God will eventually get tired of me.But no, he's just leaving if I'm lucky.Later, my friend told me that because of my facial expression, this is the most interesting thing they have ever seen.I focused my attention on his feet so much that I frowned permanently on my forehead that when I was spinning and spinning my head shook my head up and down like a head.
They didn't know at all that I was thinking I 'd throw like I ever did!No one on my face thought I would get a video and I was surprised!I looked so intently at his feet that I was afraid I would have a brain bleed.I also think I'm trying to focus and have a bit of a hole in my lower lip!The song must have lasted for half an hour.When the end?We have moved forward from the rotation and rotation, though I do not know, now I am under his arm, back from the other side, spinning behind him, spinning in front of him.
It just keeps walking.
I think he does like the three LUTZES with me, I'm the three KLUTZ, it's not pretty.I 've been around many times and I know I'm starting to see the stars.I have been thinking about how I am going to live this life?Everyone is on stom's feet now!Too many things to see!At the same time, in a turn, he pulled me back, he took a road, and I took another road.
I hit his cowboy hat on my forehead and almost knocked it off (hat, not his head ).Luckily we didn't have a frontal bump because I would definitely lose dinner then!As usual, the last damn song is over.Thank goodness!The song must be in Marathon.
Maybe the DJ was sympathetic to my dull eyes and my apparently dizzy head.After the Dance, Yosemite Sam thanked me so much, and of course I really didn't do anything, just apologizing for being such a klutz.He was back on the dance floor as if we were going there, and I quickly made a straight line for the women's toilet.
Later in the evening, I did notice another girl dancing with him and she looked at least a hundred times worse than I thought.(Sounds good in my mind at the time ).In fact, they did have a collision and she almost fell down on the floor so I guess I should be grateful for that!He rotated at least a few laps with almost everyone, and they looked funny since my rotation was over.In retrospect, I have to admit that I am not the only entertainment object of the night ~!I know it took me at least an hour to get my stomach back, not to mention my spinning head ~!Thank God he didn't come and ask me to come back!My friend's husband convinced me to dance again because Bob hasn't left the pool table yet.
I beg very hard, but no one is listening ~!We shake it outside until the replay of "Beat It.?.But in retrospect, I wish he was talking about dancing!!!Sure he wasâx80¦.Didn't the man see me dancing outside?I can imagine I added flip and swipe to my show, which is definitely a clean up on the bar floor!I think I have to say that this is a good exercise on such a multi-level.
When I left I dragged my left hip and my back and arms were killing me for someone who should be in shapesi-do was a work-out!Where has Bob been and of course he is still playing the pool!!!.This is what I 've been waiting for, and Bob is dancing with Yosemite Sam for one night in town!Now I know what's available in town, so it's there.A few weeks later, I happened to be at my hair stylist and I was telling the whole story, hoping that no one in town would make fun of the city with the Cowboys.
My friend began to laugh.
Your boyfriend called and he's waiting for you at the bar!?At least in retroactive relief, what I can say is that it would be frustrating to not have a picture of us right now..That little off-track behavior is enough to shock my little keep-a-low-Profile the world, but lucky for me, I didn't make the front page.I now have a written contract with Bob and if he sees me on the dance floor with another man he will act immediately and jump in.
Of course I have to get his attention first!Or wait until he laughs.Or when I walk into a local pub, put on a disguise --Like surgery boots
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