mechanical bull 101 Funny Would You Rather Questions

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-13
If you have ever played "would you like it" then you will know how strange these problems are!A lot of people hate it, a lot of people are funny, and some people are ridiculous!Would you rather the question be some of the craziest questions you'll be asked? If you need a list of examples, you 'd rather have a problem, I 've got you!It's really simple...Will you like it?1.Pick your nose or your friend's?2.Do you want to eat bug pie or mud pie?3.Do you wear pants on your head or pants on the ground?4.Get a Wet Willie or a pheasant?5.Are they apes or wall animals?6.Do you want to be a man with feminine taste or a woman with masculine taste?7.
Your fart is insulting, or you fart when you insult it loudly?8.Play in the sand Thorns or trash on the cactus?9.Eat soup that looks like poo, or do you have soup that makes you poop?10.
Skating naked or taking an ice bath?11.
Sniff a dog's ass or a stranger's ass?12.
Can't you burp or fart?13.
Meet someone with an eye, a corner, fly, purpleDiners or Godzilla?14.Are you wearing smelly socks or smelly underpants?15.Jump on a leg, or walk on limbs anywhere you go?16.
Drink sour milk or drink milk directly from your breast?17.Is it sweet to drink with shoes or stir with a toothbrush?18.Don't take a bath a week or don't defecate a week?19.
2,000 years of time back or 2,000 years of low temperature freezing?20.Kiss the savage or the bearded woman?21.Hug the porcupine or wrestle with the crocodile?22.Have x-Ray vision or a thousand eyes?23.Ice cream with straws or clothes?24.Baby vagina with 13 lbs or endure c-Department with interns?25.
Do you wash the dishes or watch a dirty guy do the dishes?26.Was stung by the Bee once, or was it five minutes by the chicken pec?27.Wearing adult diapers or changing adult diapers?28.
Happy birthday to you or take a shower?29.Is there ice and salt burning or fire burning?30.Riding a pig or a back ride?31.Become a Hulk or devil when you are angry?32.
Hook a fish or a fish for a prostitute?33.Riding or cowboy?34.A knot in the nose or in the ear?35.Do you know a rock star or a meteor?36.Is there a caterpillar or a moonlit stone in the nose?37.Is it Bert or Hank?38.Is it morbid obesity or is there no sexual organ?39.
Is the tooth gone or is the hair gone?40.
Lose 1 feet or a hand?41.
Lose your thumb or big toe?42.
Do you smell bad or can you only smell bad?43.Was pinched by a lobster ten times or hit a face once?44.Live as a virgin or die after sex?45.Imagine your family naked or naked in front of your family?46.
Dye your skin purple or see everything in purple?47.Dive into the shallow pool or jump off the roof?48.Was it hit by a car or was it hit by your car?49.
Do you eat ramen or rice and beans every night?50.A knot or a rope?51.Pee or poop in public?52.Farting in the elevator, or in the public bathroom, there is a passenger in the booth next to it?53.Pee in a port-o-Toilet or the woods?54.When butterface or butterbody?55.Have sex in a trampoline or bounce house?56.
Escape the crime, or have your innocent fingerprints at the crime scene?57.Be a teacher or a teacher?58.Can you lose weight by eating bananas or cereal?59.Looking for a bat or mouse in your house?60.
Are there any spiders or cockroaches?61.
Big Nose or big ears?62.
Be cross-eyed or lazy-eyed?63.
Is there a hair on the back or a single eyebrow?64.Too much earwax or nasal hair?65.Is the eye black or is the tooth transparent?66.Used paper towels or used toilet paper?67.
Do you want to eat the Koolaid bag or the gold cube?68.Watch a TV show for 3 hours or get poked at one eye?69.Big Ass or big ass?70.Do men wear thong or thong?71.Is there a thin wife or a fat wallet?72.Always say "yes" or "no "?73.Have three children, happy, or have 12 children, watching TV shows?74.
Too short to see the steering wheel or too high for any car?75.Are you a giant or a dwarf?76.Big feet or big hands?77.Get good grades or sleep well?78.For no reason because of smoking or lung cancer and lung cancer?79.With a real baby, or does it look pregnant from a "food" baby?80.
Live like Amish or movie stars?81.
Walking around with a potato salad in your shoes, or is there no food?82.Eating yellow snow or making snow angels in yellow snow?83.Wear a sweat suit in the sauna in winter, or run naked outside?84.
Blood or blood?85.
Get the filling or pull out the teeth without pain control?86.Parking because of speeding or being too slow?87.Sleep like a baby or sleep like a baby?88.
Is there any nerve sweating or nerve fart?89.Do you have any vomiting or diarrhea?90.Looking after a toddler or a teenager?91.Is it very flexible or muscular?92.Live in an ice house or in a desert?93.Attacked by a smooth criminal or a rough criminal?94.Hit or fall into a sinkhole by lightning?95.
Fall off a mechanical bull or a real horse?96.Locked in a tree or locked in a bed?97.A pound of bacon or a whole piece of pizza?98.A gallon of milk or a liter of beer?99.Watch the hot dog race or win the hot dog race?100.
Would you like a bottle of Tabasco sauce or a chili?101.Do you have chronic diarrhea or chronic migraine?There are some questions you will want to know how you will answer.Sad news: no pass!You must answer any questions you ask.
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