Marquees for Party Occasions - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-16
Marquees for Party Occasions  -  marquee
The advantage of choosing a terrace or tent for your vows and receptions is that they can be placed anywhere you choose.The box selection is an ideal solution for weddings and it's easy to turn into anything you want.There are two kinds of tents, one is the traditional canvas pole tent, the central pole, the side pole and the rope hold the canvas tightly, and the ground stake is hammered into the grass or lawn.
They are usually made of cotton canvas and look charming, but they are not as convenient and compliant as modern aluminium frame round horse lamps.These types do not have center bars or human ropes, so it is easier to stand upright and can be installed on any surface.The lamp can be installed on the aluminum frame of the tent, and if the activity is carried out at night, it can be lit, and the roof with the pointed top will enhance the sense of height.
The sides of the tent can be fixed or fixed according to the weather and the appearance you want to create.Many horse eyes are made of polyester, giving the material a soft quality while still being durable to prevent any bad weather.Buying a tent for your wedding allows you to have more options when designing themes using blank canvas.
No pre-The decor is in place and you are free to design and plan the layout in detail.Marquees has a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and white, ivory and cream are the colors that are naturally popular at weddings.If the site you choose is uneven, wood floors can be laid to form a level ground and dance floor.
When planning a wedding with a tent background, try to find a flat area with power, amenities, and water supply in the kitchen.This will reduce the cost as you don't have to provide it yourself.Please note that the larger your tent, the more time it will take to build it.
Usually, you need a day to set up the structure and prepare the interior, the next day to prepare the actual wedding, and the third day to take everything away again.Organization and good management are essential for weddings
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