Majesty Palm Care - inflatable palm tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-11
Majesty Palm Care  -  inflatable palm tree
Palm trees are a common indoor plant that is easy to grow but requires special attention and care.
This article provides advice on how to take care of palm trees.
, Is a popular indoor plant identified by the high stems of the green leaves of the leaves.
It is a large indoor plant that grows rapidly and is up to 10 feet tall.
Known for its size
This indoor palm plant leaf, which gives proper attention in the form of appropriate care, adds beauty and grade to any room and greatly enhances the interior of the house.
This plant grows well in temperate, tropical and subtropical regions
Tropical climate, good growth in some areas
The shadow area is exposed to sunlight.
However, the Royal Palms can grow inside and outside the house and can only grow with good soil, water and sunshine.
So, if you're going to plant this amazing tree in your house, here are some tips on how to take care of the palm of your hand.
A good general potted soil. e.
A soil that retains moisture but is well drained is considered the best choice for palm trees.
The soil should be good.
Inflate and if it looks too tight, you can relax it by adding sand or Pearl Rock and peat moss.
For potted plants, use a pot with holes of 14 to 16 inch.
Add nearly 1 to 2 inch of pea gravel to the bottom of the pot to provide proper drainage, otherwise the roots sitting in the water may rot.
The most important factor in the care program is watering the plants.
It is essential to keep the tree moist at all times and not completely dry.
Because plants live a little-
High humidity, the fog on the leaves every day will add a lot of beauty to the plants.
If the tip of the leaf starts to turn brown, it means you're in-
Water the plants.
On the other hand, you may overdo it if they turn yellowwatering it.
Therefore, be careful when watering palm plants.
Trim the damaged, sick, or dead leaves, gradually pull them off the trunk if they are loose, or cut them off with a lop or a small handsaw.
When the tree grows up, new leaves appear on the top of the plant, while the lower leaves turn brown and dry.
Therefore, it is better to trim these leaves to prevent plants from using the energy on them and to use or store these energy to promote the growth of new healthy plants.
You can trim the stem to less than 2 to 3 inch of the trunk.
The most common pest of this plant is spider mites, which are sprayed on the plant two or three times a day with a soap-water mixture.
However, if mites persist, use a powerful commercial spray (pesticide) before they disappear ). Use slow-
Release fertilizer containing the two most important trace nutrients, magnesium and calcium, or use 3-1-3 or 15-5-
Proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, once or twice a day to reduce maintenance time and promote healthy growth of plants.
In order to feed the Royal Palms, choose one of the many palm foods on the market and follow the manufacturer in the pre-
Water the root ball.
As long as you understand what kind of environment your Majesty needs, it is not difficult to plant it at all.
So follow the palm care tips mentioned above to make this beautiful tree your home for years.
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