Legno & Edilizia: the Italian event for green building and woodworking - inflatable balls you can get inside

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-02-11
Legno & Edilizia: the Italian event for green building and woodworking  -  inflatable balls you can get inside
The seventh annual Italian green architecture and wood products landmark will be held from Thursday, March 17 to Sunday, March 20: Legno & Edilizia, literary Wood and architecture.Within the famous ski fair in Verona, the event will be open for 9 to 18 hours a day.Since the first edition of the event, this is a unique opportunity to promote dialogue among Italian companies and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the various departments using wood.
The use of this material fact is increasingly receiving appropriate attention to the environment and energy conservation.More and more changes may make the wood on the floor go through the walls and any type of ceiling.Finishing and finishing is very sensitive to changes and the impact of technologies that always improve and optimize the use of wood in the construction industry.
Will attend several meetings during the event to expose new products and new trials, the workshop is to facilitate the comparison of various actors in the wood industry, the construction and display of materials and structures have been experienced and accepted in the market.In order to make it more attractive and productive, an environment that is already full of ideas, there will be enough space to optimize the technology to increase working hours and work effectively on quality and time.A technology that is now expanding at various stages, from the cutting of the sawmill to finishing, or the application of the board as a floor, parquet floor.
Now, some digital space: 20000 m² of the activity will be expanded, the exhibition will invest a lot of foreign manufacturing machinery to also bring first-hand testing of wood-related news from 250 companies in Europe and 25 countries, taking into account the theme of the theme as the number of tourists increases.The Baltic republic and the Eastern European countries remain the largest known timber producers and are also used for construction, but Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, France and many other countries will be the protagonists of these four days.Of the three buildings in VeronaFiere, there will be a demonstration of technological advances between Wood and buildings, advances from all over Europe, the most important way to collaborate and find the right way for us, for the environment, for construction and design.
Updated courses and international conferences will also be held with academia and important associations to provide important technical tips and knowledge, and in fact, these courses include courses involving teachers and technical institutions, teach young people all kinds of wood and constructive use of each particular type.The well-known meetings with experts will also come from the best universities in Italy, which will show in the past two years accurate and currently ongoing research, experiments and achievements different from the previous edition.This is a showcase that will surprise the rich ideas, especially in the areas of sustainable construction and energy conservation, which will be increasingly combined with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle.
Not only are people directly involved in construction, but environmental activists are also paying attention to this, ordinary people and those who want to focus their attention on the goal of a healthy lifestyle, this way of life is also through the materials used in the house and inside.This is an event not to be missed and you can take this opportunity to discover new things about the building and why not take a trip to Verona
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