large inflatable Giant bowel tour lands in Launceston to raise awareness for national bowel awareness month

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-24
large inflatable Giant bowel tour lands in Launceston to raise awareness for national bowel awareness month
An inflatable gut is putting a taboo topic back in the spotlight.Residents of Launceston who suddenly entered Bonning on Tuesday were welcomedxa0See a huge inflatable sausage.Tasmanian health services, in collaboration with Australian intestinal cancer, conducted an intestinal tour to commemorate the intestinal cancer Publicity Month in June.
On Tuesday, outside the Bunnings store in North Launceston, the intestines swelled.It will travel to Bunning, Bernie, on Thursday.This is the first time the intestines have entered the state, which coincides with the new intestinal cancer movement of th --xa0"Poo, poke, Post ".
Visitors walk through the larger-than-life, three-Size intestines.Example of healthy tissue, pre-Cancerous Polyps, advanced polyps, and cancerous tumors.Australian cancer volunteers Wayne and Beth Shannon are on the road with inflatable intestines, which have stopped at Hobart.
"We have a lot of interest," Mr.
Shannon said .
Colon cancer is a fatal disease, Mrs.
Shannon said, but 90 cases can be treated if found early."That's why screening is so important," she said .".For most people, colon cancer and defecation are taboo topics, but the presence of the giant colon encourages people to speak more openly, shanong said.
"We have a guy in Hobart who has been tested for a long time, but when he saw a huge gut in greennoch, Shannon said:" he said, he was surprised to do the test. ".One of the least known issues, Mrs. Shannon said, is that it can be attacked at any age.There is a misconception, she said, that screening should only be carried out after the age of 50.
"You will never be too young to be screened," she said .".However, this is notxa0Suggestions from the National intestinal cancer screening program.The National intestinal cancer screening program invites eligible people between the ages of 50 and 75 to use free, simple tests at home to screen for intestinal cancer.
The test is sent to the eligible person in the post and can be tested for someone who has no symptoms.The big gut journey aims to raise awareness of intestinal cancer, promote involvement in intestinal cancer screening, and share information about dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce risk
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