large inflatable games Nurse Theme Party Ideas

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-29
Whether the honored guest is a newly graduated nursing school graduate or a friend of a senior nurse, a nurse theme party can be part of a good time.Decoration, food and fun can all be carried out around the nurse theme to commemorate the hard work and dedication of professional nurses.The center parts of the table include glass medicine cans of different sizes filled with M & M or other sweets that look like pills.
Other core concepts include medical kits for children or floating eyes-A candle in a large glass bowl.A nurse-themed coffee cup can serve as the basis for flower arrangement.Just cut the flower Oasis foam into a shape that fits the bottom of the cup and fill it with flowers.
Use gauze or ace bandage as a color flag or ribbon.Large inflatable skeleton, heart and brain can be purchased and hung around the room for more decoration.Fill the tray with the care items you can find, such as bandages, syringes and thermometers.
Give the guest two minutes to remember the item and cover the tray.Treat people to recall items as much as possible.The other idea is to draw a big picture of a man in a hospital dress with his ass sticking out his robe.
Guests play "shoot in loot" with paper syringes, a twist of the tail in a traditional donkey party game.Divided into three groups, two nurses and one patient.Give the nurse a bandage for two minutes to see who can dress the patient with the most adequate bandage.
Finger sandwiches and ladies sandwiches for your guestsFinger cookies or any food inspired by anatomy.Provide food in a medical supply container such as a clean new potty and surgical tray.Use surgical utensils as food utensils.Use a plastic platter to provide food similar to a hospital cafeteria or a hospital food tray.
The costume shop provides a brain jelly mold and makes a realistic table center.The cake can be a nurse's hat carved from layers of cake covered with white sugar.The stethoscope can be hung on the side of the layered cake.
A small rectangular cake can be made that looks like a bed and the patient is made of a cake covered with a sugar blanket.Look for miniature models of medical supplies and furniture in the craft section of the craft shop as the top of the cake.You can also make a cake with a nurse learning light, the Nightingale lamp in Florence.
The rubber duck nurse is a great idea, both as a party decoration and as a busy.Put them on the table and guests can then take them home.By melting with candy, you can get your own delicious party on most craft shops and chocolate molds.
The nurse-themed mold has the nurse's profile Lollipop, the nurse symbol Mint and the nurse's kit with tools, medicine bottles and bandages.Simply melt the candy wafer, spoon into the mold, dig the bubbles out and pop out of the mold when it is completely cooled.Wrap transparent plastic with ribbons and you will have a party that guests will like.
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