Kitchen Witch Spell & Talisman to Sell Your Home - geodesic home for sale

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-25
Kitchen Witch Spell & Talisman to Sell Your Home  -  geodesic home for sale
Sell your home the way the kitchen witch!Our kitchen witch knows that the green and growing army in our magic garden is always ready to help us make life sweeter, more peaceful and more prosperous in all aspects.We care about our garden and they care about us.In any case, they choose to sell their own house in order to settle down in a place that better reflects life, as it is now.
This is a wise choice for many people.
A friend of mine, geographically close to me, chose to do it, hopefully the kitchen witch's way can speed up the sale of his residence & relieve the discomfort of showing his "Temple nest" when he lives there.Glad to help, I immediately started a very effective spell, put my best besom in the foyer and made a beautiful grass medicine family protective amulet to fix the BayEven in the slow market, his property has received a lot of attention from serious buyers, & Herbal protection and energy grid set up for peace and cleanliness maintain the calm and clarity of the residence with minimal energy maintenance.If you want to sell your house, or, as in my case, sell the dear house in the neighborhood, here are some suggestions for your consideration, Witch Road in the kitchen!Use any or all of these tools to modify them to suit your situation and process practices.
Mix and match, use what you have at hand, be creative and original as this ability is a historical sign of the experienced, successful kitchen witch.If you're not a kitchen witch and don't know one and still want to benefit, then, go ahead and give these people a spin anyway.The only real magic is love, and these tools are just ways to go beyond your sincere best intentions in the physical realm, bringing the greatest and highest benefits to all those involved.
Note: white or green work is particularly good, although some people like to use more advanced candles such as shiny gold or silver.Use any color you think is relevant to all these delicious qualities.After all, this is your ceremony.6-Casting your circle of love and light, peace and happiness, protection and happiness, health and healing requires a perfect balance between all energies on all levels, bathed in the love of the universeLight your special candle and choose it to sell successfully on behalf of your house & the wealth and comfort you will receive from this sale, in full accordance with your wishes.
Sweep your body from top to bottom with a fallen pine or a long fragrant branch.Rub herbs between fingers and enjoy the fragrance & gently touch your scented fingers to the lower center of your heart Space & forehead.Looking forward to success!For the safety, success and honor of all the family spaces, facing the North, put a basket of small tea lamps on the legs.
Imagine every plant, animal and stone in your home, every building material, every thing, something with life and no life & singing on your property, happy in peace.Imagine yourself vibrating at the same lovely and harmonious speed.Feel, hear, see, touch and taste this magnificent harmony, this Glowing Symphony.
Imagine this harmony as a bright and soft beam of sunlight, rotating up, rotating up, entering a huge energy cone above your property & rotating down, rotating down, into another huge inverted cone, to the heart of our Mother Earth.As long as it is bathed in this energy, it will constantly sweep up and down, sparkling, golden spiral.Let it pour into your property & everything inside & on top.
Let it sweep away any old "fighting energy" that hurts, misunderstands, divides, and is unpleasant "--Including past violence...Even the ancients long ago.Let this golden energy spiral dance up and down your bodyConed diamond fills all the energetic corners and gaps that it has just cleared "battle Energy.Take a deep breath.Breathe in this calm, peaceful, cheerful, refreshing energy.
Breathe out.
Release the same gorgeous energy.
You are the energy.
You and everything in your property is one: you are the same song, the same self, the same love, and it feels great.Enjoy the feeling.When you are ready, put your hands on the little tea lights in the basket & fill them with this golden, sparkling, sunny harmony, perfect, vibrant\ "Thank you, home, for your good care and love now flowing brightly below and above.Thank you, home, for keeping everything safe and healthy;I feel that your protection is bright.
\ "Home, the other loves you as much as I do, the one who greets you when I say goodbye to you.Their care for you will shine and you will add their love to me.\ "May your new inhabitants now be drawn to you in peace and love ruthlessly and happily.
May the wealth of this deal flow to me in my bow thanks, for I am already rich.Now you will want to put down your tea light basket and stand up and walk through your home.Walk around, take your pine or fragrant branches with you, admire your home, enjoy it, and imagine it as a potential buyer who will see it.
Bless all of this with your love and gratitude, every inch.Go back to your special candle and sit down and speak out your mantra.Speaking with absolute assurance, it has done as you asked before asking.
Speak with a grateful heart.
Speak with authority: You are the only one who lives in your skin, thinks in your mind, loves from the heart, so you are indeed the authority in this mantra.Have it with joy and gratitude.\ "I thank the management of this family for being transferred to the perfect individual [you may imagine the perfect new housekeeper, as you can see] at the perfect price [, you can say your price here if you want] and hurt anyone for the benefit of all.I am willing to accept this, but it is equally unacceptable.
I will accept this and I will also accept better conditions than I thought."So I said it already, so it's so simple.That's what it says. that's what it says.So, that's it & blessing, in fact.Your spell is fully activated now..Magic continues!When you arrange the days of the exhibition for your property, light one of your little tea lights and know that it will release wonderful, harmonious energy, give an upgrade to something that has been circulating around the property, bless you, your home, realtor and their clients to visit your property.These little tea lights are very powerful, and even considering entering your property, do your best to prevent those who are uncomfortable with such a bright and lucky energy.
This is a convenient side effect you will appreciate, especially during the "open day" hosted by your Realtor, make sure that only those who best match your property & those who most appreciate the golden energy flowing there will be drawn to seriously consider buying the property.Here's my quick "Green Guide" for herbs that protect, clean and attract wealth to your home.These are handy as when you list your house for sale, whether it's a private sale or a sale with a broker, you can place a fairly small amulet around your home.
: Home blessing, specially prepared for the new owner;Maintain peace between romantic/living partners;To appease and ease family tensions;Promote a good feelingThere is enough comfort to exist &;Nervous nerves calm down;: Continuous protection;Purification of instantaneous energy;Strong vibration of loveCreating and maintaining good partnerships;sweetens life;Strengthening partnerships and friendship in life;Note: cinnamon is just North American cinnamon.This is our common cinnamon spice in Mexico, Canada and the United States.Cinnamon can be used in any spell that requires cinnamon.
Historically, it is considered to be two more powerful protectors"Real" cinnamon and "North American" cinnamon.Use it with confidence!.Special protection of the family;Energetic protection;Enjoy wealth and comfort;: Purify energy immediately;Cycle Energy to completely remove old, stagnant, or negative vibrations;: The highest energy resonance that holds and promotes the love of the universe;Full protection;calms the mind;Stop negative emotions completely;Linking evil intentions and actions with those who produce them;promotes peace;In the continuous cycle, invite positive, while removing negative;It is great for the "high flow" area to keep the energy flow and positive purity;: draws money;"Good Luck" herbs for money and wealth;Powerful protective device, especially when used with a purple crystal or 1 white feather;Keep the vibration of the highest love infinitely in a clear space;Appease emotions;The speed of "money dialogue" is smooth and smooth;: Detergent for the most powerful negative, evil, and/or unbalanced energy on Earth;Relieve sadness, depression and guilt;Open the space for the love of the universe;Encourage friendship;Prevention of all forms of violence;Exclusion of criminals;Embrace and protect gentle people;Strengthen the space of mind;gives courage;While sending out mild and calm positive emotions, constantly eliminate negative emotions;Soothe emotions, thoughts and nerves;;Clear a clear negative space& germs!-continuously;Create and maintain an energy barrier against negative, negative intentions and thoughts and negative people;Prevent loss while promoting positive, prosperous, healthy, love, happiness and overall healthy growth: Strong protection of property and property;Continuously and thoroughly purify negative emotions;The first-class "good luck" magnet for money and wealth;Reject negative and evil intentions towards you, your property, or your property;Clean up and balance personal energy;Reveal things that are not easy to seee.Using herbal helpers above ready to help you successfully sell your house, you can create attractive little amulets around your property & add beauty to the whole place, bring strong protection and prosperity.
Bring a little yesterday's charm to your door, the foyer, the cloak, and the railing of the beautiful corner, just like the photo at the beginning of this article.I have used some herbs that are considered to be the most powerful protection and prosperity magnet for my friend's goals, personality and property.You will also know exactly which herbs will best protect your home & sell your home for prosperity, peace.
Have confidence in your ability to discern these things.In addition to the herbs that best protect your home and bring prosperity to your home sales process.This is very effective & it is recommended to have a nosegay at the front door, entrance or nearby of your property, which is the door that most potential buyer traffic will pass through.
Place nosegays in key locations in your home to keep the energy flowing & people's energy flowing to themselves.The brightly colored bird is the eyeCapture & can be used to highlight lovely building features while doing your best to make your home sales quick and easy to succeed.Use fresh or dry herbs to make food.The rubber bands around the finished nosegay will remain safe as it dries further.
Cover the band with a beautiful ribbon and hang it in the best place for your career.The ribbon can be any color that suits you;Green is to build a strong vibration of love, wealth and happiness for spiritual space, fireplace, gratitude, love, prosperity, wealth, health and protectionIn your home.This vibration is attractive to excellent potential buyers and will automatically stop all people who do not practice love and positivity in a spirit of gratitude and abundance.
White has strong protection in all aspects and spreads all the highest virtues and energies of light, love and positivity.White is all you have.Purpose "go" to protect and prosper the ribbon color of the amulet and amulet.White brings a strong purifying energy, literally bending the negative energy & all the energy that does not meet the highest and best interests.
Use white as a fresh, beautiful vibration for strong protection and endless peace.Red brings positive, flowing gifts and healthy energy.Red also encourages achieving the goals set.
The red ribbon is the most powerful in wine featuring pine trees, rosemary and mouse holy;Lavender can also be added as needed.There are some traditional kitchen witch amulets and they are very attractive...literally...Especially in terms of protection and prosperity.
Collect the pine branches that have just fallen.(Brooms) you wish to make and present at your home, on the porch, at the garden gate or on the front steps supported by you.Combine the needle-free ends of these branches with heavy rubber bands or strong flower wire, about half the length of the branches.
If you need to peel off some pine needles, save them on one side to make potatoes, make a nice display in the fireplace, or make noodles at home.Cover the binding with a wide and beautiful ribbon or scarf tied to the bow.You can add more bindings to make a very sturdy, thick antique design broom handle if you wish.
Otherwise, add another binding at the top of the broom handle, about 2 \"-4 \ "down, complete with a wide package of the same decorative ribbon used for the first binding;In this case, use a square knot at the back of the ribbon binding instead of the bow at the front..If you plan to characterize it on a vertical surface.Further enhance and activate the strong protection, prosperity and peaceful magic performance of pine trees.
This will greatly help to encourage a pleasant display and quick sale of your house.Using the wire of the flower shop and the short-length just-dropped pine branches, fashion a small wreath with a small circle on the back that hangs wherever you want the prosperous energy to shine and the wealth to be attracted.You may want to add Japanese peppers, red ribbons, fresh or dried rat plums and rosemary, or some small, dried pine nuts that bring you wealth by selling your house.
These look lovely, close to the fireplace or kitchen, both of which are sacred to Vestas, guardian of the flame, guardian of the flameWhere Magick happened!This wreath protects your accumulated wealth, from your way of thinking to your actual wealth management, to bring you greater prosperity.This will inspire the right potential buyers to feel that yes, they can really afford the house & they will be happy to pay every penny you ask.You may want to put it in a big pot by the fireplace, scattered on logs by the fireplace, or in a beautiful, wide bowl on your entire home, porch or front steps.
Collect all the inserts and branches of pine needles from your other projects, or simply collect the smaller pine needle spray and branches that have just fallen.Place them in a bowl, in a big pot, or cleverly place them on the wood on the fireplace.Add cinnamon crumbs, 1 \"-Long slices of rosemary and lavender herbs, several slices of rat plum leaves and some dried pine nuts.
You might as well activate the beautiful, subtle scent by hitting the jar either before or after your property is displayed, or on the days of the display and opening of the house, with a hand-held hair dryer giving out a short low heat.This is a powerful protector, so feel free to use it!This is also a very powerful magnet for money and wealth, so from the moment you do this, be prepared for prosperity.Enjoy the great results, be sure to thank our friends, the pine tree for all the gifts.
Historically, they hung the trio on the front door of the House to draw the best & repel the rest.These are beautiful, charming, real jobs, so I highly recommend this Pine project, especially for successful home sales.Find three beautiful pine nuts.Size and shape are completely guided by personal taste & available under the nearest pine tree to you.
Note: the cone that has just fallen may emit asphalt, it smells wonderful, but it may be messy, so consider a cone that is slightly dry, or roll the cones filled with asphalt in a sparkling place, giving them a little charm & away from the vertical surface.Use 3 beautiful red ribbons of different lengths to tie your pine nuts to the bottom so that when you hang the pine nuts, the top of the pine nuts will point to the ground.The size, texture and length of your red ribbon are completely guided by your own beauty and the scale of the room that features your front door.
You can put these on a narrow board with the words "Welcome, friend", "Blessing", or "enter in peace ", fix the free end of each ribbon with glue, nails or brads (very small nails) on the back of the board.Of course, it's fun to paint or decorate the boards with stains or by hand or stamps and/or templates to add fonts.This is a simple, elegant, rustic, magickal touch any entrance.
If you wish, you can also attach all three ribbons on the free end of a large knot & hang this bundle of "blessing bells" off a small nail above or near your front door.It is pleasant and attractive.Add the actual little Bell of any design you like & pause it so that it can swing freely in the circulating air, which is a great celebration and uplifting for anyone crossing your thresholdOf course, you know the "3c" of successful, inviting home sales: clean, comfortable and calm.Anything you can do can easily, simply, and economically affect this atmosphere in your house for sale, whether it is inhabited at the time of the offer, there will be a lot of things to do to get a firm offer further from the perfect buyer.
Some realtors are raving about selling tips for tempting scents like chocolate, biscuits, cinnamon, coffee or evergreen forests, especially at home.Personally, very low volume birdsong or classical music is very helpful in keeping the mind quiet and allowing the right buyer to listen to your property, imagine a quiet, safe, sturdy, healthy, rich, light-filled space in this beautiful, loving environment that is your home for sale.However, you create the environment under the guidance of light, give the right buyers a good start, let them start from your property and give you a happy lifeThe injection of wealth is perfect.
Blessed be.
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