jumping castle Myrtle Park ready for 36th St George's charity truck run

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-20
jumping castle Myrtle Park ready for 36th St George\'s charity truck run
The new business manager at Myrtle Park is looking forward to hosting their first St. George charityxa0On Sunday, trucks were running to raise money for special schools in Launceston.Jessica Jackson and Sean priesmore took over the management of the camp and kiosk Pavilion in November, and they were eager to play their part in the event, dozens of trucks carrying children along the Tasman Highway from Launceston.
MS Jackson said they were more than happy to donate the camp for the 36-year event."The entire cricket ground andxa0The ground floor venue will be used for large festivals ,\"xa0She said."Starting at 9, there will be a jumping castle and childrenxa0Activities, even dog washing.
"We really want to make sure that this event continues in the future.It was a baptism of fire for the new manager, whose tasks included maintaining facilities such as toilets and bathrooms, managing and removing waste and keeping the area clean and tidy for visitors.Surrounded by the St. Patrick River, the site is a popular spot for day trips and overnight campers.
Jackson MS said it is important to book in advance and allow large groups to be used during the day."In terms of how the park works and some issues, everything just popped up in front of us and it took us months to get over it all, but we were always surprised by everything ,"xa0She said.We definitely need someone to book.We recently had a school group showing up on six buses, but we need to know in advance because it's a business Camp.
Last year's event raised $10,000 for support schools in the north
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