jumpers Tribute To Fallen Storm King Firefighters in Colorado Released

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jumpers Tribute To Fallen Storm King Firefighters in Colorado Released
Rifle, CO;...29, 2003--July 6, 1994, 14......Smokers from Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and other Western states die when the wind blows a towering flame;September 29, 2003--On July 6, 1994, 14 firefighters, including smokers from Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Colorado and other Western states, hit King Hill (Glenwood Springs CO) with towering flames blowing in strong winds ).They spent most of the day cleaning up the bushes and digging trenches to slow down the spread of the fire, when the strong winds forced them to run for cover.Nowhere to escape, it is impossible to exceed the rapidly moving flame on steep slopes.
14 people were forced to shelter in their protected shelters when the flame struck them, but never crossed the fire.In September 1998, Colorado musician and JavaMusiK recording artist Jeff Van Devender sat at the piano in the school music room where he had just started teaching.The window of his new room was just right to see the perfect view of the Storm King Hill.
Van Devender witnessed this terrible tragedy in 94 years and did not know how terrible it was until he returned home that night."Smoke creates a mushroom-shaped cloud that glows when it hangs on a mountain," he remembers .".\ "When we got home (it was plaster at the time), the walls of Glenwood Canyon showed red --Very beautiful orange.
However, after turning on the TV, the scope of the tragedy began to unfold as constant news updates covered the airwaves reporting the death of so many heroes.As Van Devander sat in his new workplace, the melody began to flow under the shadow of the King of the storm.He remembered the picture he had seen, the flame burning on the ridge, the glowing smoke hovering in the middleSunshine during the day, emergency personnel working to restore order, and most importantly, brave souls from other parts of the country, sacrifice your life while trying to save material wealth and the beautiful surroundings around the resort community.
"This powerful story has just taken over & everything is ready before I know it," he recalls .".The King of the storm sacrifice is a descriptive work from the beginning to the end.Before being attacked by a flame, the listener can imagine sitting in the mountains of all its splendor.
Suddenly, a clear process of 14 chords climbed to its last rise, leading to a clear, overwhelming silence.Finally, despite the best efforts of sacrificing so many people, the mountain was burned and then revealed its own new life, reflecting the inevitable cycle of nature.JavaMusiK pianist Jeff Van Devender more information on this song and other music can be found on www.
Com/javamusik and www.
The song "King of the storm sacrifice" can be found on Van Devender's latest version of "curved chords" and can be found on www.cdbaby.com/vand2 or 1-800-289-6923.Sales revenue for each cd purchased through www.cdbaby.Com/vand2 will be donated to the firefighter Memorial Fund.
Jeff Van devind is available every weekend for shows at Esther Park, The Stanley Hotel and Glenwood Springs, the Glenwood cave exclamation point restaurant and Aspen ski season at St.Regis Hotel.He is also holy.Every Sunday, John is at the bishop's church in the New Castle.Van Devender, who lives in Rifle, CO, is a primary school music teacher parachuting.
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